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Sounds like you have a second EDDM AFCAD installed.  The first one installed before our scenery will have priority, so it has to be found and removed.    Alternatively, it could be that the installation didn't work properly.  You can uninstall, manually check to ensure the scenery folders are removed, reboot, and then reinstall being sure to run the installer as Administrator.


I hope this helps!


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About which Product in which Sim you are talking. Which such less info, you get only the answer to install you sim and products correct, special if you use Orbx (Insert point).

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Then check the Orbx Manuel and set the Insert Point of there addons in there config tool below any other local airport addon. It is the minimum  requirement for any P3D Simulator, if you talk about that. In FSX the scenery library order should be the same, all orbx entries below any local other scenery addon.


For the next time, please add the 

- Simulator Name and Version

- The Addon Productname and Version

to your Posts here. We are not able to see on you display or PC to get this infos.

And there could be significant differences between the Simulators FS9,FSX,P3D V1-3, P3D V4.x or P3D V5.x, where different EDDM related Products exists.

For you some seconds to type it in here, we can only make speculations.

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