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  1. It is strange to say the least that Aerosoft has always on sale scenery for FSX no matter how old they are Joao
  2. Is this version for FSX Steam I'm afraid of buying it and it won't work on my fsx (sp2 box) Joao
  3. On an Aerosoft Facebook page from 2011 I found a news item from the Ben Gurion Scenario. On the Aerosoft website I did not find can you help me, attached I put the print of that announcement. Thanks Joao
  4. I took some of your tips and with my poor knowledge of computers, I'm afraid of messing it up and ruining everything. Thanks Joao
  5. I apologize for the oversight: I use FSX (SP2), ORBX Addons, Aerosoft's Mega Airport Munich Scenario and GSX. João
  6. I made a Print to also show other changes
  7. Sorry, I forgot to inform you that I have the ORBX installed Joao Peralta
  8. Aircraft parking all wrong, from aircraft parked on the grass to the runways, how can I solve. Joao Peralta
  9. I have seen on several sites from Tel Aviv airport to FSX from Aerosoft. I wonder still have or has it been discontinued? Thanks Joao Peralta
  10. I only have one .bgl file but it's off Joao
  11. I use FSX my EDDM to park the aircraft completely unconfigured. I use My Traffic and ORBX Vector. Someone help me João
  12. I have A319 / 320 / 321for FSX SP2 my RAAS stopped working Someone can help me João Peralta
  13. Problem solved. I want to thank the excellent work of Aerosoft's Suport, problem solved I already have the two excellent Airbus again. Thank you. João Peralta
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