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  1. I only have one .bgl file but it's off Joao
  2. I use FSX my EDDM to park the aircraft completely unconfigured. I use My Traffic and ORBX Vector. Someone help me João
  3. I have A319 / 320 / 321for FSX SP2 my RAAS stopped working Someone can help me João Peralta
  4. Problem solved. I want to thank the excellent work of Aerosoft's Suport, problem solved I already have the two excellent Airbus again. Thank you. João Peralta
  5. In 2014 I bought A318 / 319 and A320 / 321 I had to install my FSX SP2 again. I'm going to register with Aerosoft, I only find the A318 / 319, I can't find the A320 / 321 in my account, I already asked for help in the support and I have nothing resolved. I am desperate because I acquired both replacing the A318 / 319 and 20/321 X Extended. Please help me Joao
  6. I really apologize for my English but it is a bit forgotten at least the writing .... Well I want to thank your prompt help, I was bewildered because it always worked was the first time it happened. After several tests I saw that it was the DX10 from Steve, so I uninstalled the DX10 A320 and all over again because very well it looks like it's already OK. I already made a flight without problems. Thank you very much (I'm still on FSX because I'm waiting for the MS2020 let's see what's next) João Peralta
  7. Bought here at Aerosoft use FSX SP2. When I dowl turned off antivirus FSX is opening in Managed DirectX 10 use of Steve's DirectX fixer. Joao
  8. Help me already uninstalled and installed is the same but only on A320 Joao
  9. Please help me I have the A319 and A320 for FSX SP2 I bought here at Aerosoft, now all of a sudden the panels look like the picture Please help me Joao
  10. I wonder if A319 / 320/321 control the GSX in number of passengers? Thanks Joao
  11. Someone give me a tip how I can solve the following. I have Airbus A320-321 FSX. Wanting to make a LPPT-LTFJ flight on A321 on Fuel Planner doesn't give me enough fuel how do I solve it? João Peralta
  12. I have the A320 (FSX) lately in the middle of a clouded flight (working with the AS16), the aircraft starts to rock mainly when I go to the AS16 in flight which I have difficulty inserting something into the FMC João Peralta
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