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FMS Isn't Responsive.......

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Hello all, 

Is there a reason  to make FMS do not accept airports like KMSP (origin)  or KBIL (destination) or KSHR (alternative) without giving an error message? I use the FMS keyboard typing the letters and hit the corresponding button like I do all the time, I see the word for less than a second than it's gone also I see the word EXEC at bottom right and disappears too.....


IRS is aligned, POS INIT is filled with GNSS1 coordinates and all coordinates seems OK.


I even looked outside of the plane to confirm I am actually in Minneapolis?


I am using V1.0.3.0


Best regards


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OK, I made the  flight last night KMSP-KBIL and all was fine, FMS accepted the airport cods, my best guess is, it was one time thing?

I remembered, when I started my flight in C&D situation, and while conducting the initial checks as per CL, I realized that the Landing gear was at the UP positions which was unusual and a first.


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