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Discrepancy between EFB and PERF INIT

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When I import a flightplan from Simbrief, with the "Load PERF DATA with Flightplan" option in the EFB enabled, the correct ZFW is displayed in the FMS..




After that i go to the EFB and insert the same Data from my Flightplan to get my Vspeeds and "load" the Plane with the correct weight. But there´s the Problem. When I enter the ZFW and the Fuel into the EFB and press "SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR" and "COPY PERF INIT DATA TO FMS" (twice), the FMS now gives me the wrong ZFW.





((Below this message you can see the FMS after i pressed the SET PAYLOAD and COPY PERF INIT button))



Why is the Airplane so heavy now? The Data displayed on the EFB stays the same (ZFW 22000).


So long story short, if i want to set the ZFW in the FMS to about 22000Kg, the EFB is loading 28715Kg into the FMS. 


I think i´m doing something wrong.




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I think i got a sollution here. If i Copy the Data displayed on the FMS (after the Flightplan and Perf import from Simbrief) into the EFB on the "PASSENGERS AND CARGO" Page, the loading into the FMS is now correct.


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Situation: I created a flight plan using Simbrief. ZFW according to Simbrief was 25.900 kg, Fuel was 2.649 kg.




I entered these values into the EFB via the "ZFW page". As you can see, TOW is slighty higher that calculated by Simbrief, but negligable in my opinion.




However, when copied into the FMS via the button on the EFB, the CDU shows the following values:



While the fuel amount is correctly transferred, the ZFW and thus the TOW was somehow increased by more than 3 tons. However, when I enter the setup via the "Passenger & Cargo" page and transfer the to the CDU, the values are the same as in the EFB. So my question: has someone else experienced the same? Am I making a fault by entering these values or is this a bug?


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vor 1 hour , Thijs010 sagte:

Will double clicking the “transfer to FMS” button (or how it may be called in the EFB) help? Did see that here in the forums...

No, already tried that.

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Vor 1 Stunde, mopperle sagte:

I have merged the 2 topics. And for the future, before posting please check whether tere isnt already another topic about what you are seeing.

Actually I did that. Seems I missed the other thread, sorry.


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SimBrief and CRJ are calculating different ZFW because SimBrief and CRJ use different passenger weight. I’m not sitting with sim now, but if I remember correctly SimBrief includes baggage in the passenger weight, but CRJ adds baggage weight on top of passenger weight - if that makes sense.

Ex: if SimBrief passenger weight is 84 kg it actually is 69 kg passenger+ 15kg baggage.

In CRJ 84 kg is only passenger weight and FMC adds another 15 kg ( I think) on top which results in 99 kg. This is why ZFW is much higher in FMC than OFP.

What I did was to reduce passenger weight in SimBrief settings for this plane, so it matches ZFW when I put in the correct passenger number. I don’t remember the correct weight I set in SimBrief profile now, but it is easy to find. 

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I experienced the descrepancy between EFB and Perf Init page as well, even when using the PAX/Cargo Loading in EFB.

Could you please Check that as well or give me a hint what I#m doing wrong or not understand right?
Combined with the fact that I'm not able to confirm my weight via the MSFS UI I'm never sure whats the actual weight of my AC.











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  • Aerosoft

There was an issue when using the ZFW option on the EFB, this has been fixed on the next update.

When it comes to entering the values through as passengers and cargo, make sure to press enter after you have manipulated the arrows before pressing "set payload to simulator" to make sure the value will enter correctly.

When it comes to the MSFS weight and balance UI, you just have to ignore it. It does not resemble the actual weight and balance of the aircraft in any way and does not update either with new values. So only use the EFB for the weight and balance of the aircraft.

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