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Flight attendant announcements


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I have noticed several announcements from flight attendants so far:

- Safety instructions

- Takeoff announcement

- Serving sandwiches

- Aborted landing

- Cleared for landing

- After landing


Somehow, the safety instructions are not always announced. I only heard it once. What do i have to do to trigger this announcement. Also, the announcement right after landing plays twice within one second.

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Usually when i start the flight all doors are closed on my side so there wont be an announcement i think.


When I set the CRZ alt in the FMS, the "Sandwiches" announcement is being triggered once that ALT is reached. But i do not know why the safety instruction announcement has only been played once.

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  • Developer

There are no actual safety instructions (too long). Only the report to the flight crew that the cabin is secure. I guess that's the one you mean.

The conditions for it are the following:

  • 90 seconds after the main door has been closed
  • At least battery power is available
  • Takeoff was not aborted before
  • Previous flight (if done) has been reset
  • The Cabin Secure announcement hasn't been made yet
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