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Can't release parking brake


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I can confirm that with Pushback Helper you can release the parking brake when commanded to do so by the ground crew, but then it cannot be set again until pushback helper is closed.

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I had this problem also, but i solved it IF you have brakes set on the Honeycomb Bravo controller. (or maby an other controller.)

When i use basic planes i can use one of the buttons to set the parking brake and it works.

But with the crj (and onthers) i found out that the brake remains on even when i change the button.

So maby this could help you.



Lander (BE)

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Running into this as well, after a pushback (no pushback helper) the wheels just locked up.

Parking brake would toggle off and back on instantly.

After toggling the chocks a few times i was able to turn off the parking brake but the aircraft remained glued down unless going full throttle.

Then while the engines sitting at idle and me digging through these forums trying to figure out what was going on the aircraft just started rolling after a minute or so.

Really weird behaviour.



It re-locked back on the runway after submitting this reply, it might have something to do with the throttle and reversers .. I toggled those a few times and off it went.

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  • Aerosoft

Anyone who is having this issue. Can you confirm that you don't have parking brake assigned to any controllers? It could be part of the default profile as well, so even though you have not assigned it yourself, it could still be assigned. So please double check this first!

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Same issue is with FS2Crew PushbackExpress.


When calling the pb truck I have to release the parking brake via mouse manually. So far so good. Not a big deal instead of an assigned X52 button.

But when pb should be finished I have to kill the FS2Crew PE completely to get the brakes working.

Otherwise the truck is going to continue pushing. Even the manual brake action won't work.

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