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  1. Same here. Should have had a tear-drop entry to a right hold. Instead, the aircraft turned left where it should have turned right. Holding was supposed to have worked at release, but it has never worked properly with the exception of perhaps direct entries. There are many threads documenting this problem. Personally, this was the feature I was most looking forward to, so it has been disappointing to not see a fix for this. Hoping somebody at Aerosoft can confirm that they are aware of the problems with this feature and are intending to fix them.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll play around with the suggestions. I will say that I have gotten EFB stab trim values anywhere from 5.8 to 7.5. 7.2 has been pretty common for me and that was definitely the EFB value for the flight depicted above. I do wonder though...since the update, the aileron and rudder trim will show green when they are not exactly neutral. You have to eye-ball it a bit now; perhaps I'm just a tiny bit off...
  3. I can't figure out what the problem is, but the T.O. Config OK message doesn't always display. I'm following the checklists and AFIK, I'm not doing anything differently in the cases where it displays vs the cases where it doesn't. I expect it to display as soon as I release the parking brake after completing the taxi checklist. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. In the cases where it doesn't display, I have no ECAM warnings, nor do I get takeoff config warnings when I advance the throttles. Take off proceeds normally, I just never got the confirmation that my configuration was good. I've
  4. Hopefully somebody who knows the CRJ can confirm whether I'm doing something wrong or encountering a bug. The issue that I keep having is that I select an approach with a hold/procedure turn but there is a discontinuity between the last waypoint and the start of the approach. I've tried the methods outlined in the documentation for dealing with discontinuities, but they don't work in this case. If I try to clear the discontinuity by deleting it from the legs page, doing so also results in the subsequent hold being removed as well (though the hold fix itself remains, but it is converted to a si
  5. You will get that error if you are trying to enter a waypoint on the left side of the page. Airways are entered on the left side, direct to waypoints are entered on the right side. IIRC this is discussed in Volume 6.
  6. Do you have an axis set for speed brakes (spoilers) and did you hit escape at some point to pause the game prior to taking off? If so, you experienced a "phantom" speed brake deployment when you resumed the game. When it happens, neither the speed brake lever nor the external view show that the speed brakes have deployed. The solution is to clear the axis, but you should be able to fix it in-flight by manually deploying and retracting the speed brakes. The other symptom would have been an inability to climb.
  7. Lots of topics on this. At the moment (though I haven't tested the latest update), it seems like only direct entries work. Parallel and teardrop entries seem to result in the aircraft wandering all over the place and never finding the hold.
  8. Lots of topics on this, but summarizing: 1) Ice can be a problem, but you will get an ice warning if it is. Turn anti-ice on. I doubt that this is your issue. 2) Don't let your speed drop too low. If that happens, you will end up with an angle of attack that is too high and you won't be able to overcome the resulting drag no matter what the throttle is set to. To recover, pitch down accelerate to mach .74 and resume climbing. (Real CRJ pilots may be able to recommend a different mach number, but I know .74 works). 3) If you have speed brakes (spoilers) and flaps bound to
  9. You don't have to move the speed brakes if you are careful. I find that if I move the view to the left and start by finding the hitbox on the 'y' key, I can usually then move down from there to the 'clear' key while preserving key focus.
  10. Another hold that didn't work properly. Transitioning from DSD, same deal as above. Should have been a parallel entry, with right turns, instead the auto pilot just flailed around with left turns. I also couldn't exit the hold. I pushed the Exit Hold LSK which then showed armed, but I finally had to choose direct TISTE to continue on with the approach.
  11. Same for me. I was flying the ILS Rwy 34L approach at KRNO, transitioning via FMG. The hold was set up correctly at APIME (automatically, which was great). The aircraft should have flown a parallel entry to initiate the hold, passing the fix outbound heading 164, making a left turn back to APIME after 1.1 minutes and then making a right turn at APIME for the first (and only) circuit of the hold. None of that happened. The aircraft crossed APIME and kept making a series of meandering left turns, never executing a proper entry or getting established in the hold. I've been successful with a direc
  12. Thanks. I tried quite a few things, but I didn't think to try entering the bottom altitude first.
  13. I know how to enter crossing restrictions bounded above or below by a single altitude, but how do I enter a block restriction? Say I've got a STAR where I have to cross a waypoint below FL220 and above FL200. How do I enter that restriction in the Legs page? I've tried various permutations of stringing the two altitudes together without success; i.e. /F220F200, /F220 F200, etc.
  14. I entered the wrong flight number because I had inadvertently created a dispatch for the opposite direction flight. I corrected the dispatch but forgot to change the flight number that I had already written down. So I entered the incorrect flight number in both the flight plan page and the radio page. I discovered the error when I was doing the departure briefing. However, when I tried to re-enter the correct flight number neither the flight plan page nor the radio page would allow it. I typed the correct flight number in the scratch pad, but when I pressed the LSK to enter it, instead of over
  15. Paraphrasing, but you were in a stable descent for a normal landing, visibility was (presumably) above published minimums for the approach and you had the approach lights in sight. You can go down 100 feet below MDA with the approach lights in sight. To continue and land at that point, you have to have the runway environment in sight. For approach lights, that would require the terminating bars or the red side bars. Otherwise, you have to have the threshold, threshold markings or lights, REIL, VASI, TDZ/markings, the runway or runway markings in sight. Great video--thanks for takin
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