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  1. Wow Jo!!! This is a perfect start for 2021! Love your work!!!G Greetings Lander. P.s. a happy, healthy and a wonderfull new year for you guys and girls 😆
  2. Hi Mathijs. I work in a shipment company in Belgium and i agree, its a big party for the moment (since the beginning of the Corona) with the deliveries. I did received an email that it will be shipped in februari 2021 but luckly i have a honeycomb alpha and a keyboard so i can fly and yes i have the time to wait. Thanks for the good services in these hard times and good luck with the mails and shipments ;). Greetings Lander Oh, and my English is not good also (its more like Chinese-English)
  3. Nice. I can't wait to test it. But you Know what they say: Better wait a longer time to have good product than a short time with full of bugs 🙂 Greetings
  4. Hello, Is this project still in progress die msfs? It has been a while since they last update? And my bankaccount is waiting to make a new transfer greetings
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