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  1. I did have some luck with that, thank you. I've run into a different issue with that. Say that Navigraph constructs a plan with something like the following: ... J182 KIRKE J182 RASCL J182 ICT J21 IRW ... what's happening to me now is that I can enter J182 KIRKE properly. Then, when I enter J182 RASCL, it clears the KIRKE off the previous line, leaving J182. I have to re-enter KIRKE. This happens for each subsequent waypoint on the same airway. When I switch to a new airway, like J21 IRW, it does not clear the previous waypoint. Is this designed behavior, to "compress" adjacent waypoints on an airway?
  2. I have done that. But since two people have mentioned this, can someone tell me why wheel chocks being set or unset would have any bearing on the "PARKING BRAKE" message in the right-hand EICAS display? Having chocks removed should have no bearing on this.
  3. Additional detail to note: I am not trying to import an MSFS flight plan. I know that is not available at this time. I'm trying to manually enter waypoints that the MSFS flight planner created. Also, I verified the existence of each waypoint in Navigraph prior to entry, so I know that they are valid, and not something proprietary to Asobo.
  4. I went back to default key bindings to resolve an unrelated issue, and it still happens to me. Not every time, but enough to make things difficult from cold/dark.
  5. My version of the tutorial has 4.2.7 as a brake temp check, and all was green.
  6. Preamble: 1. I've watch the Dude's video on programming the FMS. 2. I've read the FMS documentation PDF. Goal: Enter into the FMS a flight plan similar to the one created by FS2020, which has a number of direct waypoints. MSFS Plan: KCLT - KIAD, departing RW36C via KRITR5, transition FILDS, arriving RW19C via COATT5, transition FAK. A number of direct waypoints between FILDS and FAK: LYH LOSEC CONCO VOUCH SHEPS CRUMB. 1. Entered the basic flight plan into the FMS - Origin, Destination, departure runway, SID, STAR, transition waypoints 2. Went to the Legs page and cleaned up discontinuities. There was one oddity in which it placed the JDEAN waypoint (which precedes FILDS in that direction) AFTER FILDS, deleted it as it's close enough I don't care. 3. Decided to start entering waypoints via the Legs page per the documentation - enter the name of the waypoint in the scratch pad, press the LSK line button of the waypoint, above which you want the waypoint inserted - so if the Legs read FILDS -> FAK, and I want to insert LYH between them, I enter LYH, then press the LSK for FAK. Outcome: LYH is not inserted, and the waypoint I clicked is removed. I'm not flying airways here, so the Dude's video, while informative did not seem to apply, so I relied on page 6-1-53 of Vol6_FMS.pdf. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong?
  7. Yes. it animates but the PARKING BRAKE message doesn't toggle with it. It's strange because I leave FS2020 and go back in, it may work once or twice, then it will stop working.
  8. You don't use "Increase Autopilot Reference Altitude" and "Decrease Autopilot Reference Altitude"?
  9. Mathijs, Thanks for the response. I did follow the tutorial. I tried both the release knob on the lower left corner of the pedestal, such that the knob rotated and moved in. I tried Ctrl-. (numeric pad) as well. I've also ensured the wheel chocks were not set, as was suggested by someone else. The thing to note here is that moving the release knob does not toggle the PARKING BRAKE indicator on the right-hand EICAS display, nor does the key binding.
  10. If I fly a TBM930 on High altitude IFR, MSFS assigns altitude up to 31,000. If I fly a Citation Longitude, it assigns altitude between 42-44,000. If I fly an A320, MSFS never assigns altitude over 39,000 feet. What I'm saying here is that if MSFS observes maximum altitudes for those aircraft, it should for yours as well.
  11. Fair enough, but then that's a different issue, as that's the altitude that was indicated on the Nav Log tab on the flight planning page in MSFS.
  12. See the attached entering "F420" as recommended, and then attempting to set "CRZ ALT".
  13. Third flight I was able to release the brake and taxi, but couldn't take off because MSFS turned my taxiway at KDEN into a vertical wall (which is *not* your problem). However, after loading a new flight, I was unable to release the parking brake once more.
  14. On two separate flights from a GA parking space, one on the CRJ550, one on the CRJ700, I got everything started up and ready to taxi, and could not release the parking brake. I tried using the mouse on the parking brake pedestal control, changing it did not change the PARKING BRAKE message on the right EICAS display, nor did the default key binding of Ctrl-NumDel. Note that this key binding not only did not reset the parking brake message, it didn't change the control position on the pedestal as expected. I'm basically unable to fly the plane now. This started happening one flight after I crashed because the plane wouldn't accept roll input from my Thrustmaster Hotas.4.
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