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Berlin (BER) professional P3Dv5 - ground markings very pale

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Dear Sascha @Sasa, dear Oliver @OPabst,

With the BER-part finally opening in a few days I tried out the new aprons and the south runway. Using P3Dv5 with default shaders and HDR settings everything worked nicely, but  the ground markings around the new Terminal 1 are very pale and it was hard to identify the runway markings during landing.

Is there any chance that you could increase the contrast/saturation a tad? Knowing that you are busy with the MFS version I totally understand that this is a low priority item. After all the years the scenery still looks pretty good and I enjoyed it very much without the recent additions and changes, which I do not need. Only a little tweaking of the ground markings to make them more vivid would be much appreciated. The following video might give a better glimpse about what I have in mind: Reference

Thanks and best wishes,




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Hi Oliver,

Thank you for the fix. After having a quick look at the airport I can say that the new concrete textures improved the contrast or the runway markings.

But Timm's point about the alpha channel is very interesting. Is it possible that the there is a bug with the alpha channel of the yellow taxiway lines on the the new concrete surfaces on the BER site? All yellow lines over concrete have a black border at the old SXF part, while the black border seems to be missing at the BER site. Real life pictures support this assumption, showing the yellow lines at the new Terminal 1 aprons also with a black border.

Having such a black border would of course significantly improve the visibility of the markings (and I assume that is the reason why such border do exists depending on the surface). But I assume that this could be out of your responsibility?

Once again just a thank you for all the recent work you invested in EDDB. Very much appreciated.

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