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EDDM greenish glas on T2

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Hello everyone!


First of all:

Thank you so much for a pretty good scenery for Munich!

As Munich is my Homebase, in the sim as in real, it is really great to have it pretty good again in the sim!


After first glance, I noticed something:

The glass on the Terminal 2.

In real, it has a very greenish look, as you can see in the background:




The glass in the newly released EDDM is just ... well, white:



Also, the glass on the T1 looks a bit more "greyish".


One more small thing - I know, it is maybe not planned:

Could you/Simwings please add a little bit 3d grass?

In Munich the grass along the runways/taxiways is sometimes really important and that's something which would make EDDM even better!


Thank you all again!
Best regards!

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  • Developer

Will forward this. But keep in mind, that the color of the glass is mostly effected by the reflection of the surrounding and variate based on sun, clouds and viewangles.

When the dynamic reflection is set on in P3D, the glass will get in parts this effect too and maybe looks better then on the screenshot.

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Thanks for forwarding!


In real life the greenish color of the glass is very well visible, mostly even stronger as in my pictures above.

Even with Dynamic Reflections the glass looks perfectly clear:




Munich Airport is nearly famous for its greenish glass, so it would be a pity if the FS version didn't have this...


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Another one:

The blue of the O2 advertisments on the jetways is nearly invisible:


In real it looks like this:



... and the ads are also on the jetways in the Terminal 1:


And as you can see in the picture, there are also stand numbers on the jetways at the T1. In the sim, they are missing.


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