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  1. It seems to be related to the texture called: EDDM_Nightlayer_LM. When turning it completely black with photoshop, the apron looks normal. What is the point of that file anyway?
  2. Hello there, Does anyone know why my night apron textures are super washed out, as if another layer was laying on top of it. Best regards
  3. Never mind. I tried again with a different aircraft and everything works fine. Seemed to be related to the default F35 and SODE.
  4. I´m experiencing the same issue. For me it seems to be related to the new SODE jetways. When I deactivate them everything works fine.
  5. That fixed it for me too! Awesome thank you!
  6. I already tried deleting the shaders and I´m not using any third party shader tool.
  7. Hello everyone, After having installed the new EDDM for p3dv5 and comparing the screenshots to my sim, I realized that something is wrong with my glass textures. Firstly my jetways are not transparent at all. On the other hand the terminal glass seems way too transparent. Any suggestions?
  8. Hey, I´m seeing that your jetway glass is transparent. Any idea why mine isn´t?
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