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Mega Airport EDDF v. ILS not working P3Dv5

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Using the updated version for EDDF and coming in to land on ILS25L I found it is no longer working, frequency was correct but did not activate at all. Completed manual landing with no issues as WX was not too bad.

How can this be overcome? I uninstalled v2.0.0.0 first then installed new version

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

As you noted, nfinger, 111.15 is the correct frequency. If whatever aircraft with an FMS you're using doesn't properly display the glide slope however, that suggests you may have a conflicting AFCAD file somewhere, perhaps from an AI traffic program that's taking priority. I used ADE to check the appropriate .bgl file that came with version and runway 25L shows a localizer and glide slope frequency of 111.15. I then flew it in a simple helicopter using frequency 111.15  while hovering vertically up and down over the threshold and there was a valid glide slope indication from low to on to high on the HSI that agreed with the PAPI lights.


What was the aircraft, FMS data source and AIRAC cycle you used?

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  • Developer

So, have checked the source of the EDDF V5 Afcad and the freq. for ILS Runway 25L (IFSW) exists with 111.15 and is displayed correct in the cockpit and in the Airport Map list, as Herman already expained correct.

Even the stock (default) Afcad of P3D V5 has this freq. and values.

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