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  1. Hi Michael, it was a saved flight from which it was loaded. I installed version 2, then got an update. It stopped doing it now after i changed to a different paint, i changed from LH to Delta paint. Not sure if has anything to do with it.
  2. sorry for the delay in answering; i used the version 2 to install and then got an update too. So your answer is to save it twice with the same filename for saving?
  3. Why does the gross weight keep increasing? when nothing is loaded, see attached recording. AerosoftDC8Loading.mp4
  4. How does one save a flight so that INS settings are saved too? is it even possible at this stage. For long flights I sometimes want to continue at another day but when i load the situation INS is not active. All other flight paramenters are saved and working fine. Is there a special way to save INS info so that it loads too?
  5. Is there a paintkit available for the A318/319? Looked everywhere and could not find it. A search for a318 paintkit also got no relevant results.
  6. Yes have the latest update applied and always had this issue from day1. I did not inadvertently hit F7. I always correct Copilot using F5 after full flaps zero call when it deploys full and produces a warning sound.
  7. Hi, using checklist with Copilot on after departure and when PIC commands retracting slats Co-pilot extends flaps full instead of retracting it. Is this a know issue and is there a fix for it? See attached short video of problem. A319CopilotHB.mp4
  8. Problem solved, needed to move up scenery to top in scenery configuration within P3D.
  9. My ILS's are not working for EDDF aerosoft scenery. 25L/R are not showing at all and 25C uses 25R freq. with incorrect glideslope. Any idea what the problem could be?
  10. any ideas anyone or is it in the to do list for Airbus V2?
  11. the answer maybe that one always has to load from scratch. when loading fuel and weights from scratch, after starting FSX and selection Airbus X, all weights are transferred correctly to FSX. i guess i solved it on my own, and for anyone else that may have this problem.
  12. fuelflow values displayed for each engine are incorrect. at FL360 with M.78 it displays about 2600kg/hour for each engine. i think this value corresponds to total FF for both engines. This causes fuel predictions values in fmc to be completely wrong. fuel prediction values on fmc usually start with a negative value, in particular on a long flight >1000nm. then as one comes nearer to destination eventually changes into positive values and keeps changing all the time. is this a known bug and will this be fixed?
  13. A321, at 50% 9363kg = FSX 8637kg; at 20% 3745kg = FSX 3005kg; at 75% 14044kg = FSX 11644kg; this was with zero kg for pax and freight; just tried with pax and freight weights at 66% fuel 12359kg = FSX 12395kg pretty close on this loading.
  14. even with zero pax and freight load i get varying fuel quantities loads, randomly between 15 and 18t, with a 100% fuel load setting in load manager, appears to be a bug. pax and freight loads are transferred correctly.
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