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Happy Birthday Mathijs!

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Doh, there's still some good bottles there.

New Puta specs,

4 x thingy cpu with go faster stripes.

2 Gig of super fast ram chips cooked in a quantum fryer.

Super duper fast DX10 8800 gtx gpu with huge fan thing for cooling down chips after being in fryer.

Cheapo Monitor of 19inch

Even cheaper Mouse with clunky wheel and Keyboard.

Oh yes and Windows Vista Home Premium :?

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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd / happy birthday Mathijs. Let's drink to that!

I wanted to send you a load of beer, but something went wrong, sorry :lol::lol:


Mathijs...Happy birthday and many happy landings or should i say fast and furious days in the car......i told you so don't race with all the beer in your car LOL

Here's to you!!!!

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