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  1. Now that my desktop has died (typing from my 2003 laptop), I'm now saving up for an i7 based system. Problem is that it won't be until about March or so until I can get back to simming..... Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait
  2. Wow! If you folks with the strong systems are having to have to run at "normal" autogen settings, looks like "sparse" is the only way for me...
  3. Sorry haven't followed up on this. AMD AM2 X64 6400 2GB RAM 512MB NVIDIA 8600GT No air traffic Scenry=Normal Autogen=Normal Ships & Ferries 15% Leisure Boats 35% Road Traffic 7%
  4. I've seen this before - it is a video driver issue....
  5. This is a matter of personal perception... As we've seen here in this thread...To some it's unflyable - to others it isn't.... The common bond is that there are lower FPS....
  6. I must agree with Horst here. To expect a patch in 24hrs of the magnitude that's required for the Bush Hawk is an unrealistic expectation....
  7. Hmmm... This *could* be why the Bush Hawk is hard on FPS performance....
  8. Hmmm.... I do find this a bit peculiar for an FSX only aircraft....
  9. Rob, What kind of system do you have?
  10. Kofi

    'subway Simulator'

    AMD AM2 X64 6400 NVIDIA 8600GT 2GB RAM
  11. Thanks Finn... Outside NTAA, I'm quite enjoying this...
  12. Mathijs, Any possible way of getting a "high" demo so I can see how it runs on my system? If not, no worries....thanx
  13. Good show! This is definitely on "the list"....
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