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Madeira X Evolution installation

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after installing Madeira X Ev. in an unmodified(!) prepar3.4 I find my planes somewhere downtown in an environment, that has nothing to do with Madeira.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to study pages of possible solutions or/and dig into the heart of my pc system.

This program should be as easily installed as other aerosoft sceneries. Obviously it`s not.


So - before I return the CD to Aerosoft and never buy from them ...

Somebody has a hint, why I don`t get Madeira running?

Thank you.



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Hi Fred,


firstly, I don't see any legitimate reason as to why you would start your request for support by immediately threatening other people you do not know, working at this company. So, please keep a certain standard of communication as if it were face-to-face.


Secondly, in order to be of any help, support needs way more information about what you are seeing in your sim. Simply stating that you find your "...planes somewhere downtown in an environment, that has nothing to do with Madeira." certainly won't suffice. What exactly are you seeing? Having some screenshots would also be helpful.

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In this Post are all conflicts listed that could cause problems:

Check them carefully one by one. It’s important to have all that files deactivated.

Normally the installer should handle the standard conflicts. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Which version has your CD? Current version is 1.05a. If you don’t have that version, I recommend to download the current installer.


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I can only second what Benjamin said.

@fredmaroSomebody who claims to tell others solving communication problems, should choose another approach, when asking for support.

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