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GCTS Spelling error in ground texture


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I know that the ground textures at the real Tenerife South Airport are a bit quirky (they misspelled "LENGTH" as "LENGHT" themselves at taxiway B6, near the threshold of runway 25), but according to the Google Maps satellite imagery, this ground marking near the threshold of runway 07 (at the turn from taxiway T to taxiway B2) actually does read "LENGTH" in real life. Can you fix it?



Texture error Tenerife South Aerosoft.PNG

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46 minutes ago, Autopiloth said:

They spell it just like that in TFS. Here´s the easy proof from GE



You can check yourself at GE. Maybe they have now changed it partly or in general. Will keep it in mind to check for the next update


Hi Thorsten,

I think Er!k was referencing to the other end of the runway:



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