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I ran into a strange problem:

I loaded a default aircraft to EDDT, Gate 6, changed to the CRJ700,aircraft state-Ready To Taxi and than aircraft state-Ready for Engine Start; preflight, pushback and engine start - I had the following reading with throttles at idle: N1=35.2%; N2=72.0%; EGT=467degr. This makes it extremely difficult to taxi. I continued the flight to LKPR, landed and vacated the runway. NOW I had the following engine readings with throttles at idle:N1=21.2%; N2=60.0%; EGT=351degr. Now this more a idle speed and easy to taxi.

Any idea why the idle was different at the start of the flight????

Thanks for answers

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If both Anti Ice activated, Wings and Engines, you get exact 35% N1.

If you activate Wing Anti Ice only you get 30% N1.

Check it. 

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Hi Hoffie300,

Checked it this morning - exactly as you stated N135% with both anti ice ON and 21% with both OFF.

I had anti ice ON due to snow and icing conditions.

Thanks for help

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