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  1. OK Otto, I will observe over the next few flights
  2. Hi Otto, I performed another flight and w/o problems. I performed the data transfer from the fuel planner as following: complete the passenger, cargo and fuel load and click on "Generate Loadsheet". I then loaded the aircraft into the sim, opened the "Load and Fuel" page, clicked on LOADSHEET and loaded pax, cargo and fuel. This time the data in MCDU # 2 matched the data in the fuel planner exactly. So it seems to me that the clicking on "Generate Loadsheet" button with the aircraft loaded in the sim created the fictitious numbers???? Thanks for help
  3. Hi Otto, I believe my aircraft ran out of fuel on the way from Budapest to Izmir. Reason: I always use the Aerosoft 3xx Fuelplanner and the following procedure - load the sim with a/c cold&dark > select aircraft state Turn Around > start APU > select Load/Fuel > bring up Fuel Planner > click on Generate Loadsheet > click LSK6L Loadsheet > click LSK1R BOARDING / LSK2R CARGO / LSK3R FUEL. Now all services are blinking until completed and solid green. I really didn't pay attention to the loading quantities since this had been a very reliable procedure. Howe
  4. Hi, Since several weeks I am having the problem that the Airbus shuts down into a C&D state and I am dead in the water. This happens after approx 1 to 1.5 hours of flying. I have seared the forum, but never could find a resolve for the issue. I uninstalled and re-installed all my Airbus products A318, 319, 320, 321 & 330. I am running P3Dv4. This just started several weeks ago. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Juergen Mader
  5. Hi Stephen, Thanks for reply. I would like to learn about the Lateral Revision in the Aerosoft Airbus. Do you know of videos handling this topic. Thanks again
  6. Thanks Stephen, I understand what you are saying and that was actually how I was routed and flew the departure (with assigned heading). But what if I was one of those "lazy" pilots and engage the A/P at 500' above the field and not wanting to rotate the heading selector, is there a way I could insert these way points into the FMS prior to SQUIB? Of course I would ignore ProATC. Thanks for answer
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding an assigned departure proceure: I was flying a Aerosoft A320 Prof with PRO-ATC/x from KMKE to CYQB and was assigned a departure that included 2 extra way points from runway 25L. The way points were WALUM to SNAPS and then to SQUIB, where SQUIB was the first way point in the flight plan. I selected the Departure runway 25L, but obviously WALUM and SNAPS way points were not available, but showed up in the departure route of PRO-ATC/x. How can I insert these two way points prior to SQUIB (1st way point in my flight plan) in my existing flight plan in the FMS?
  8. Hi Dave, I found my problem: I had conflicting axis assignment/setup in P3D and FSUIPC. Initially I thought I had to use FSUIPC for all my controllers, but found out that I can use P3D faster and easier (like you said). So I just reset FSUIPC.ini back to default (deleted it) and added key & button assignments from the old FSUIPC.ini. Now everything works like "advertised" - all axes are smooth and easily reach the end positions for the flight control check. Again, thank you very much for help
  9. Hi Dave, My problem is related to FSUIPC. I set the FSUIPC add-on.xml to .off, loaded a flight and performed the checklist - just like it's supposed to be smooth to the end positions and after release back to center in both axis. So now I need to look at the FSUIPC.ini to see if there are any axis assignments. Thanks a lot for your help
  10. Hi Dave, I can reach the end positions of the aileron and elevator axis, if I deflect the side stick, release it and deflect it again - sometimes 3 or 4 times. But it will NOT return to the center. I just tried to land the aircraft and it's impossible. The aircraft does not react to the deflection of the side stick. Could FSUIPC have something to do with this issue. I know that I assigned the X and Y axis initially with FSUIPC. But than I decided to use P3Dv4.5 direct and set them to "ignore Axis". I set the sensitivity to 65 w/o effect. I also deleted the prepar3d.cfg w/o effec
  11. Hi Dave, As per request: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/pZ9o0Z Also this problem occurs on all 3 Aerosoft Airbus aircraft (A318/319 Professional, A320/321 Professional & A330 Professional). The EICAS page confirms the FPV - erratic movement, not reaching full deflection and not centering. Thanks for help
  12. Hi, Forgot the A320 Professional Version Thanks
  13. Hi, As of lately I have issues with my side stick, a ThrustMaster T.A320, but also my Alpha Flight Yoke. During the checklist item "Flight Controls" the stick never reaches the end position and the the checklist will not continue. If I watch the FPV symbol, it hesitates to move, than moves but not to the full end position and does not completely return to the neutral position, even though the side stick is centered. This is the same scenario for both flight controllers. I can observe the ailerons, elevator and flight spoilers move, but the movement is very erratic. If I check th
  14. Hi, I get the following list - https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/16mE5W - when I open the updater. Why are there 2 items with "folder does not exist!" shown and how can I correct that. Thanks for help
  15. Mathijs, You are correct - the ENTER key on the virtual keyboard loads the selected airport charts! Thanks for hint and fast response
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