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  1. Hi Ben, That was precisely it. Don't know how I missed that. Thanks for help
  2. Hi Ben, Yes, the Park Brake worked properly when it was assigned to button # 3. I thought I had the variable exactly the same, but it does not work. Attached my profile backups. Thanks for help export.json BTQ Test PMDG_NGX(u).json
  3. Hi, I had to move the PARK BRAKE bindings from button 3 to button 7 of my Bravo Throttle Quadrant. I believe I have the same variable as in the downloaded profile for the PMDG B737NGXu, however I CAN'T get the park brake to function at all. The bindings are: Toggle Button 7 Top PRK_BRAKE_OFF Variables: Custom VAR L AS_PMDG_737NGX_EVT_CONTROL_STAND_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER 0 Toggle Button 7 Bottom PRK_BRAKE_ON Variables: Custom VAR AS_PMDG_737NGX_EVT_CONTOL_STAND_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER L 1 Can anyone see
  4. Hi, I have recently switch to P3Dv5 from P3Dv4 and would like to know if the following airport sceneries, which I purchased from AS are compatible with P3Dv5: 1. sim-wings Munich 2. Mega Airport Prague 3. Seattle Airports X 4. Mega Airport Rome 5. German Airports - Hamburg professional 6. New York Airports V2 X (KJFK, KLGA, KTEB) 7. Madeira X Evolution 8. EDDN - Nuremberg Thanks for reply Juergen Mader PS: hope that's the correct forum????????
  5. Hi Ben, question to the LED's: Can an LED on the BTQ only be activated with a active LED in the aircraft? What I would like to do is turn the "IAS" LED off the BTQ ON when the IAS is displayed in the aircraft (for the PMDG T7)? ould you let me know if this is feasable Thanks
  6. Ben, For the Heading Select Mode LED light: Is there a way that I could code it "If the NAV LED (on the BTQ) or the LNAV LED (in the aircraft) is OFF, than turn the HDG LED ON (I will be in HDG SELECT Mode)????? Thanks for response and Help
  7. Hi Ben, I am struggling with 2 LED's in the B777 & B747, maybe you could shed some light on the issue: 1. IAS Button - Event Name = AS_PMDG_T7_EVT_MCP_SPEED_PUSH_SWITCH; IAS LED - Condition Name = AS_PMDG_T7_MCP_annunA/T; Key = L; Unit = bool; Value =1; I get a Warning when I load the simulator and the LED does NOT come ON. 2. HDG Button - Event Name = AS_PMDG_T7_EVT_MCP_HEADING_PUSH_SWITCH; HDG LED - Condition Name = AS_PMDG_T7_MCP_annunHDG_HOLD; Key = L; Unit = bool; Value = 1; This LED does NOT illuminate at all. I kind of
  8. Thanks Ben, that's what I figured. It looks like I have to do the same in P3Dv4.5 with the Axis Assignments for the various aircraft, since the last used assignment remains loaded. Bis demnaechst
  9. Hi I have found the LED assignments and trying currently to program some changes. However, I have a basic question: If I fly/load a PMDG B747 and want to restart the sim and use a PMDG B777, do I have to load the profile(s) for the AFC and the BTQ manually, or does the simulator load the profiles automatically based on aircraft selected? Thanks
  10. Ben, I was able to "customize" the buttons to: NAV = LNAV in aircraft REV = LOC in aircraft ALT = VNAV in aircraft; this makes more sense to me. The buttons work correctly, however the button LIGHTS do NOT. I can't seem to find where and how the lights are programmed for a particular push button. Could you give me a hint, where I can find them? Thanks
  11. Hi Ben, Thanks for reply. Sorry I didn't read the warnings completely (typical user problem!!!!). I loaded and activated the 747 profiles and it seems to work in the B747-400 as well as the B747-8 expansion. There is a problem with the AutoPilot, where the NAV button activates the LOC button in the aircraft and REV button activates the LNAV button in the aircraft. I'll try to fix it, but might need some help. Thanks again
  12. Hi Mike, I have installed the PMDG B737 & B777 profiles from your website. Everything went reasonably well, however I am running into problems with the PMDG B747-8. I used the PMDG B747-400 V3 QoS profile for the BTQ and the AFC and receive the following warnings at startup of the simulator (P3Dv4.5); These warnings continue, appears like the complete Autopilot and Switch configuration. Any thoughts on the issue? Is the PMDG B747-8 compatible with the PMDG B747-400? Thanks for help
  13. OK, will continue in other post Thanks
  14. Ok, there are still issues with ProATC. But is it normal for the VHF frequency to increment from .760 to .765, jump to .775 and to .780, basically not allowing the .770 setting? Or is this the issue with ProATC? Does anyone have a workaround, since I can never get clearance from ProATC and I have to shut it off. I don't think I can change the clearance frequency in ProATC? Thanks
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