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  1. Juergen2

    Updater and Installer

    Dave By mistake I also deleted the ASU Updater. Now it only shows the Airbus Professional series under installed products. However, I also have the CRJ 700/900 installed in P3Dv4. How can I get the CRJ back on the installed products? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am trying to run the updater for the "Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional" & A320-A321(both types are in red font) to install version It will not run the updater when iI click "update selected product". I am running P3Dv4. Also the updater says: there is a new installer available for this product. Please download it from your shop account!. Where would I find the file? I can not locate it in downloads. Thanks for help
  3. Juergen2

    Engine Problem

    Hi Hoffie300, Checked it this morning - exactly as you stated N135% with both anti ice ON and 21% with both OFF. I had anti ice ON due to snow and icing conditions. Thanks for help
  4. Hi, I ran into a strange problem: I loaded a default aircraft to EDDT, Gate 6, changed to the CRJ700,aircraft state-Ready To Taxi and than aircraft state-Ready for Engine Start; preflight, pushback and engine start - I had the following reading with throttles at idle: N1=35.2%; N2=72.0%; EGT=467degr. This makes it extremely difficult to taxi. I continued the flight to LKPR, landed and vacated the runway. NOW I had the following engine readings with throttles at idle:N1=21.2%; N2=60.0%; EGT=351degr. Now this more a idle speed and easy to taxi. Any idea why the idle was different at the start of the flight???? Thanks for answers
  5. Juergen2

    NW Steering

    Hi, I figured it out - Autorudder was ticked in P3D
  6. Juergen2

    NW Steering

    Hi, Question: Is the Aerosoft Bus Professional (64bit, P3dv4) supposed to have the same Nose Wheel Steering arrangement as the FSX version? It is described in the FSX manual Vol1-InFSX on page 26, but I can't find anything for the professional version. I am struggling with getting the tiller to move the nose wheel. I have the the option TILLER ON, have a joystick axis assigned to "Engine 3 Throttle Axis", have the Nose Wheel Steering pressed, but no nose wheel steering with the tiller! Only the rudder moves the nosewheel. Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  7. Juergen2

    CTD in P3Dv4

    Hi, I am trying to fly the CRJ 700 (latest update and the following happens: 1. Load default aircraft 2. Change vehicle -load the CRJ 700 American Eagle livery- 3. Load aircraft state via Dave: Ready to Taxi 4. FMC / Status page / Pos Init page: Origin: KTPA & copy paste position / Flt Plan page 5. Type: KTPA & click LSK1L The airport ICAO code does NOT show up in Origin, but the simulator crashes. Any help will be appreciated
  8. Hallo Otto, The AIRAC is displayed correctly in the FMC. So it's all good again Again Thanks
  9. Otto, I just downloaded AIRAC cycle 1901 again and checked the file location - seems to be alright now. I will test today and report back. Thanks for help
  10. Hi, I just tried to update the CRJ in FSX-SE and P3Dv4 w/o success. The FSX-SE version loads from Nvigraph to: FSX-SE>steamapps>common>FSX>aerosoft>Digital Aviation CRJ????? The P3Dv4 version loads from Navigraph to:FS P3D>Ecosystem>aerosoft>Digital Aviation CRJ???? Both "Digital Aviation CRJ" folders have a Navdata folder, but it remains empty after updating with Navigraph. Thanks for help
  11. Juergen2

    Struggle with CRJ

    Thanks Hoffie3000, I am not trying to shoot the messenger, however in general there should have been a notation to the forum to advise the new users of all the bugs still existing in the CRJ. I have now found a post regarding the green line and how to avoid it. I am using the tutorial flight since 3 days now and am not further than entering the flight plan. There are always "issues" popping up, which need to be delt with (e.g. green line; loading a default aircraft first ....). FRUSTRATing!!!!! I am flying Aerosoft Airbus series as well as PMDG aircaft in P3Dv4 w/o problems. I have also experienced the clickspot issue. The problem with a new user aircraft is that you doubt yourself. However, I will get it eventually and will use you recommendation Thanks
  12. Juergen2

    Struggle with CRJ

    Hi, I bought the CRJ on December 20, 2018 and today tried to get through the tutorial flight. I got as far as trying to turn OFF the annoying Morse code for LAX VOR - of course the NAV1 NAV2 switches are not working at all and I had to dig to get the fix with the "Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial.FXML file". Now mind you I just downloaded the aircraft and this problem was known for quite awhile. But whatever, Than I tried to follow the tutorial step by step. When it came to entering the flight plan, it said "J88" not in database (NAVDATA from 2017). So I thought I go direct to "Shoye", but also "Not In Database". So than I used "Dave" to set the aircraft state to TURNAROUND and enter my own flight plan. Now I have a green line on top of the screen that says "Configuring aircraft - please wait", which never goes away. BTW I already re-installed the aircraft again and the green line remains when I select a different aircraft state. Thanks for help
  13. Juergen2

    Panel State Loading

    Thanks Mathijs
  14. Juergen2

    Panel State Loading

    Is there a way I can load a particular PANEL STATE upon starting the simulator and loading the Airbus? Thanks
  15. Juergen2

    Exclusion fro Scanning

    Just tp let everyone know: As per Chaseplane: turn OFF the VIEWS in the MCDU!