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  1. Hi, Anyone any suggestions?????? Thanks
  2. Hi, here are 2 screenshots (exterior and ECAM F/CTL) with rudder full right: Thanks for help
  3. Hi Dave, Sorry, but I don't see anything relating to my issue. My pedals is working properly (brakes and rudder), but are NOT recognized by the checklist item "Rudder full left / right and neutral". I have to use the "skip this item line to continue. BTW I am using P3Dv4.5 and WIN10. Thanks for looking
  4. I guess?? I have for T-Rudder: Brake (left axis) = Y Axis Brake (right axis) = X Axis Rudder axis = Z Axis Rudder axis = Rz Axis ??????????
  5. Hi Otto, I am using ThrustMaster rudder pedals
  6. Hi, When my checklist arrives at the flight control test, it does not recognize my rudder pedals. The rudder works fine, but the checklist stops at the rudder.I can press "skip this item" and the checklist continues. Any thoughts? Thanks for reply
  7. Hi Bob & Secondator, As soon as I read your post I knew what the problem was: I did not select the TRANSITION BIG. When I selected the transition, the waypoints showed up just like in Navigraph Charts and EFB2. Thanks for help and reply
  8. Hi, I am trying to find out if I have a problem with the aircraft -Aerosoft Airbus Professional- or if it is myself making a mistake. I flew from EDDM to EGLL and loaded the SID in EDDM (Rwy 26L and MIQ8S), everything is correct. Then I loaded the arrival and approach procedures: STAR: BIG1E (Chart 10-2G; BIG 3D, BIG 1E Arrivals as per Navigraph Charts). Approach: ILS RWY 09R; with the following waypoints: BIG29 - GWC35 - C109R - FF09R (as per Navigraph Charts and Aivlasoft EFB2). When I load the same procedures in the FMGC in the A321 I get the following waypoints for the APPROACH: CI09R - FF09R - EGLL09R. The interim waypoints BIG29 - GWC35 are NOT present and I have to manually insert them. P3DV4; WIN10; Nav Data Base for Aerosoft Airbus - Navigraph Charts - Aivlasoft EFB2 is 1906 The Approach is displayed correctly in Navigraph Charts and EFB2 and "truncated" in the Airbus FMGC. Thanks for reply/help
  9. Otto, THat's it; deleted and re-installed; worked properly, the additional DGS units in the upper windows are gone! Thanks
  10. Hi Oliver, There is no uninstaller included! The extracted folder has the installer and some license files. The installed airport has "Scenery & Texture folder", LSZH Config & Traffic application, Manual pdf file, Product cfg file, readme txt file and a resolution application. The start menu also has NO uninstall tool. So I would guess it needs to be uninstalled manually -HOW-? Thanks for help
  11. Hi Oliver, The Safegate DGS's are on each window of the Terminal. The terminal has 3 stories and each of the windows has a DGS. Now that can't be correct! So iI assume a re-install will help.However, WHAT IS THE AEROSOFT LAUNCHER?? Or even better, what is the proper procedure to uninstall the airport?? Thanks
  12. Hi, I just noticed that all my terminal windows have Safegate docking systems attached. So something is not right and I would like to uninstall and re-install the airport. The manual states the following: "Removing In order to fully remove “Mega Airport Zurich V2.0” run the Aerosoft-Launcher. Change to the “Library“ and select “Mega Airport Zurich V2.0” in the “Scenery“ category. The information about “Mega Airport Zurich V2.0” will appear. Click on the „Uninstall“ button. The installation program will start to remove the program from your hard disk." WHAT IS THE AEROSOFT LAUNCHER??
  13. Hi Oliver, I am running P3Dv4.5 and the airport is "Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Professional" Sorry for not mentioning it in my first post Thanks for help
  14. Hi, I just arrived in LSZH at Gate A45 and invoked the GSX2 menu. I requested de-boarding and for a Jet bridge it states : "NO JET BRIDGE CAN OPERATE AT THIS POSITION". The jet bridge also does not move with shift+J. What seems to be the problem here? Thanks for help
  15. Hi Tom, In the EDDN manual it refers to a /29Palms/29Palms - Libraries. I believe thats the missing libraries. I guess I just reinstall the airport. Thanks
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