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  1. Mathijs, You are correct - the ENTER key on the virtual keyboard loads the selected airport charts! Thanks for hint and fast response
  2. Hi Mathijs, I have no problem using the configurator and logging into my Navigraph account; it shows logged in (green). Also no problem with the checks/flow. What I have not been able to figure out is: How do I get charts to display? 1. I select Charts and Airport Charts show on the EFB 2. I click on the upper frame and the green LED is visable 3. I click in "Filter Airports" and type e.g. KSTL (St.Louis) The next step to display a map I am not able to figure out; if I click on any of the magnifying glasses the keyboard returns! This is where I need help. Thanks
  3. I have Mathijs; however there is not much information how to access charts in it!: "Under this tab you will find your flight charts assuming you have an account for NavDataPro (https://www.aerosoft.com/en/search?sSearch=navdatapro+charts) or Navigraph charts. Without this paid access to charts this tab will be empty! Charts are never stored locally and will only work when there is an online connection. If the aircraft location is somewhere on the chart you will see the aircraft displayed in the right location and heading. Note that not all charts are geo-referenced so this will not work on all charts. In fact, disappointingly few charts are geo-referenced, but we hope more will be in the future." Thanks for help
  4. Hi, Is there a manual or document I could read how to load the charts onto the EFB. I have a Navigraph subscription (charts), logged into Navigraph, however I am not sure how to enter the airport/approach charts on the EFB. Thanks for help
  5. Thanks Otto, I got it
  6. Thanks for clarification. I will use the fuel load as suggested by you. I never paid much attention to the fuel calculation, but also never flew that long a distance with the airbus. Thanks for help One more question: How did you get that screenshot into the forum page? Thanks
  7. Hello, Here is a link to 2 screenshots of the fuel planner with 45Pax and 46 Pax: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/cGHn2L Hope that helps and thanks for looking
  8. Hi, I have a question/issue: I am trying to fly a A321 professional (Condor Livery, A321 Professional, 211 CFM Sharklets) from GCTS (Tenerife South) to EDDM (Munich) and using the Aerosoft A3xx Fuel Planner. The planner has the following data: Distance: 1,792 Nm; Fuel: Res - 5,000lbs; FoB: 42,051lbs; Pax: 45; Cargo: 2,480lbs; ZFW: 114,113lbs., TOW: 154,927. As soon as I increase the pax load, I will exceed the Max.Landing Weight. Also the trim is calculated at: DN 1.7 - when I take off with this setting I get a "Trim Warning". {this is a airliners.net quote: Range with 186 passengers and reserves 4352km (2350nm) with V-2530s, 4260km (2300nm) with CFM-56s. A321-200 - Range 4907km (2650nm)} Why can't I execute this flight with more Pax????
  9. Hi, Question: Does version require a uninstall/re-install? Or is this an update? I tried the Aerosoft Updater, which shows the aircraft models in RED, but it the "update selected product" button does NOT work. Thanks for help
  10. Hi Tom, First "HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR" Second, I installed the scenery again and was careful NOT to place any space/blank characters with the paste command and SUCCESS!!! So thanks for quick reply and solution
  11. Hi, I am trying to reinstall LPMA. However, the installer tells me the e-mail or serial number I am providing is wrong. I copied both e-mail and serial number from my account download page and pasted them into the installer page (no hand typing). I can't get past that page on the installer! Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  12. Hi, I have the CRJ 700/900 installed in P3Dv4. How is the updated CRJ Professional installed? Just use the installer or remove the CRJ 700/900 first? There is no read me file for the installation. Thanks for help
  13. Hi, Anyone any suggestions?????? Thanks
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