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FSX LEBL SODE for dopple jetways

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Hallo Support Sim-Wings & Aerosoft,

I buy this scenery LEBL-Mega Airport Barcelona Evolution, install with Patch v1.01 as SODE from Sim-Wings Page!
But i test all SODE for smale AI-Jet, work fine. But heavy Jet work not good for two Jetways to scond door! See picture..!! But, i control all AI Traffic "Exit" Door!









Great thanks for scenery LEBL with SODE...




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Please keep in mind, that the jetways are not responable for wrong door positions in the aircraft.cfg or the aircraftexits.ini of Sode. Here we could not do anything, it's a problem with the aircrafts/exits itself. For me the jetways connect correct, when the doors are correct configured:


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this is entirely related to the config files for the aircraft that you are using. i suspect that your ai uses the proper settings.

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