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  1. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Madeira Evo LPMA

    Hallo all, thanks.. But i check all about "Madeira Mesh Mega Topic" and "Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one (unofficial)" and it work not! Cessna Aircraft park lower.. PMDG B737, too! I try, i fly from Lisbon to Madeira, good aproach and parking! Good parking! Why?
  2. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Madeira Evo LPMA

    Show two picture last for FTX Victore
  3. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Madeira Evo LPMA

    Hallo, I buy this scenery, i start with cessna at parking LPMA, oh lower unter ground. But, i look all, nice mesh, landclass, AI traffic, no problem. But one picture.. How fix? FTX Global FTX Victora ( ok, i tested by ordner ORBX, LPMA was off) FS Global Mesh 2010
  4. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX LEBL SODE for dopple jetways

    KSFO, AI Traffic, work fine..!
  5. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX LEBL SODE for dopple jetways

    Hello, i feel not understand, i test by Flightbeam KSFO, work fine! Look by aircraft.cfg FAIB B747 aircraft.cfg Sebi
  6. Hallo Support Sim-Wings & Aerosoft, I buy this scenery LEBL-Mega Airport Barcelona Evolution, install with Patch v1.01 as SODE from Sim-Wings Page! But i test all SODE for smale AI-Jet, work fine. But heavy Jet work not good for two Jetways to scond door! See picture..!! But, i control all AI Traffic "Exit" Door! Great thanks for scenery LEBL with SODE... regard Sebi
  7. Hello, i found a wrong SODE (double Jetways) see picture.. pls fix I hoppe, fix.. A380 , too! regard Sebastian
  8. EDDT-Sebi

    EDHI - Finkenwerder

    I sad this scenery, FSX crash because OOM! with ORBX GEN, Aerosoft Hamburg EDDH. I test in Airport Hamburg EDDH, work fine! Crash EDHI, only! OOM!
  9. EDDT-Sebi

    Addon Berlin - Leipzig

    Ich auch! Rätsel--!
  10. Request? this scenery with SODE or default Jetways? Sebi
  11. EDDT-Sebi

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    X-plane, only? Or..? Top text show not! Which SIM??
  12. EDDT-Sebi

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    EDDP - v2 Leipzig-Halle EDDK - v2 Köln/Bonn
  13. EDDT-Sebi

    German Airport Leipzig EDDP

    Hallo, Request, German Airport Team work next Update of Leipzig-Halle Airport (EDDP) FSX,FSX-ST & P3Dv3, because more Apron (DHL) as Building (north)... Or GAT work not more??? thanks Sebastian
  14. EDDT-Sebi

    Ibiza, news Version

    I been install Ibiza Version 1.03 FSX, but now news Version 1.04. i had it. Reinstahl or muss Frist old Version uninstall? Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  15. EDDT-Sebi

    La Palma GCLA Simwings P3D

    All right..! I understand it! But he like not "Error", as want to clear SIM P3D..! Thanks yours answer..!