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  1. Hallo again..! I see AIG AI Companion, this scenery ADE is not radius over 30! It is till 30 radius! B747-400 is 34 radius, see AIG Model radius list! Links AIG Radius List As show my picture..! AIG AI Companion List show not for B747, B777 thanks for expensive Simwings!
  2. Hello team, I just bought MSFS2020 Simwings PANC Airport. But I am very disappointed, there are no discounts from earlier FSX & P3d Busy! And I think it's a shame that bad parking for AIG Traffic! because there is no parking for B747 and B777.
  3. Hallo, AS Airport Trondheim-V Version 1.09 Update gibt doch für Aerosoft-One, Aber ich sah mein Simmarket, immer noch nicht Update da! Vergessen?
  4. Hallo Support, Ich gucke bei WADD Bali Airport MSFS2020, ich teste mit AIG Traffic, oh nicht so voll Parkplatz besetzt! AIG Traffik steht nur 50 %.. Bitte Update verbesser ADE (AFCAD)..
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