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1.03 released

Mathijs Kok

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The Douglas DC-8 is updated to version 1.03


1.00       Release

1.01       Internal test version

1.02      XMLTools.64 installer - included

                Fuselage shading error - fixed

                Right side (no.2) INS not drifting - fixed

                Engines not starting for some users - fixed

                Marker receiver switch on audio panel missing click spot - fixed

                INS Accuracy Index degrades too fast - fixed

                INS Hold button not working - fixed

                Missing smoke effect - fixed

1.03       Transponder code digits no longer go above 7.

                VOR idents now can be turned on and off with VC switches or key commands.

                (For ADF ident on/off please use VC switches only.)

                Additional VC performance optimization.

                Scanair livery added.

                Texture mapping on rear fuselage fixed (fixed on 1.02, but not reported then).

                Cold and dark now turns nav light switch off.

                Engine starter code rewritten for some users having problems with starts.

                Comm frequencies now display correctly when radios off or in standby mode.

                Fixed fuel tank selection not initiating correctly for some users.

                AP master switch animation is faster.

                Transponder mode switch set to "C".

                Fixed missing INS markings on overhead light map texture.

                Better steering wheel texture.

                Brightened exterior non-dynamic landing and taxi lights to match view from VC.

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Hi Guys

 Are you planning on fixing the Aerosoft updater to work with the DC 8? As of now it doesn't recognize that I have V1.02 installed

or that V1.03 is available. It would sure help your unfortunate Customers that purchased your product from a Customer service challenged reseller!!


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