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  1. I've been having this in the PMDG 777 possibly since I installed the new Aerosoft CRJ + the RAAS version that came with it. I just ended up disabling altimeter warnings in RAAS.
  2. The KERNELBASE.dll crash is because of the CRJ. It doesn't happen with any other plane, no matter how I load it.
  3. If I try to load the new CRJ from the Scenery Startup Screen, P3D will crash soon after going fullscreen, before the usual "Loading scenery.." etc. Loading the F22 into 3D and then selecting the CRJ works. The CRJ load process from the Startup Screen is doing something weird as seen in the Procmon screenshot: Broken filepath string causing it to look for something in every path in the PATH variable? Only file that's created in C:\Users\username\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Pro\Logs is empty ASCRJ_SimConnect_Log.txt Event log shows a typical KERNELBAS
  4. Simbrief .flp file only has the route planned on Simbrief (It's a text file, you can open it in a text editor and see what's inside). For fuel and load put the numbers from Simbrief into the Aerosoft FuelPlanner.
  5. Fragged^2

    Mode C

    The transponder in vPilot goes to Mode C if you set transponder in the Aerobuss to ON or Standby and TA/RA.
  6. M = Minus / less, P = Plus / more. This is vs the calculated CI of 21 for the flight. Simbrief has a interactive tutorial/guide for what all the info in an OFP mean: https://www.simbrief.com/system/guide.php#ofpsample
  7. This would be in the OFP. You can use a tool like Simbrief to generate one and it will show how flight levels and cost index change the flight time and fuel burn. Below is a paste from my A319 flight from LOWI to EGKK. The fuel planner that comes with the plane is really simple and I only use it to plug in the numbers from Simbrief (ZFW and Block fuel). OPERATIONAL IMPACTS ------------------- WEIGHT CHANGE UP 1.0 TRIP P 0037 KGS TIME P 0000 WEIGHT CHANGE DN 1.0 TRIP M 0033 KGS TIME M 0000 FL CHANGE UP FL1 NOT AVAI
  8. The math doesn't add up on the latest A321 version: I started my flight (EFHK/LPMA) with max fuel, 19160 shown on ECAM. About 2½ hours in, the fuel page shows I've used ~7700 fuel and EFOB shows 16300. EFOB should be ~11500, shouldn't it? It looks like the crossfeed from the center tank is adding fuel and not removing it from the center tank. I just saw the FOB go up while the center tank is moving fuel to the wing tanks:
  9. Seems like there are some issues with loading the plane. 1) Load plane in C&D 2) MCDU3 init loadsheet 3) Load with GSX 4) Everything looks good, numbers check out 5 ) After push back and starting engines -> GW shows 47.9 tons -> The plane is suddenly empty. Is this a bug or is there some fancy way we are now supposed to load up the aircraft? It would be nice if the instant button on the load & fuel page actually forced the desired values if GSX/whatever flakes out.
  10. The original post doesn't mention the printer at all. The issue is that sometimes INIT B, Block Fuel loads a value of 2.4 (which is the default block fuel) instead of the actual block fuel loaded into the plane.
  11. Late reply, the bug has been found.. The cross on the Windows screen won't go all the way to the side by design. I guess I forgot to take a screenshot of the P3D Controller Calibration screen where it shows full values for X and Y from 0 to 16384 (14 bit sensor).
  12. I just tried again in the A319 and it worked as intended. With the A321 couple minutes earlier I had the issue of loading 2.4. I don't think it's an issue with fuel planner as MCDU 3 always shows the correct values. My A321 also has an issue where it shows two of the fuel pump off lights illuminated without battery / ground power.
  13. Warthog HOTAS calibrated in both Windows and P3D: Full left deflection and ECAM shows: Default Delta A321, Aerobus version
  14. I tried again with hitting load on fuel first and then instant and it worked as supposed. If I just do the instant load for all, it's bugged. Just hitting fuel and then immediately hitting instant after that it works fine. I'm on
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