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  1. Fragged^2

    Loading Loadsheet

    The original post doesn't mention the printer at all. The issue is that sometimes INIT B, Block Fuel loads a value of 2.4 (which is the default block fuel) instead of the actual block fuel loaded into the plane.
  2. Fragged^2

    Ecam flight control page

    Late reply, the bug has been found.. The cross on the Windows screen won't go all the way to the side by design. I guess I forgot to take a screenshot of the P3D Controller Calibration screen where it shows full values for X and Y from 0 to 16384 (14 bit sensor).
  3. Fragged^2

    Loading Loadsheet

    I just tried again in the A319 and it worked as intended. With the A321 couple minutes earlier I had the issue of loading 2.4. I don't think it's an issue with fuel planner as MCDU 3 always shows the correct values. My A321 also has an issue where it shows two of the fuel pump off lights illuminated without battery / ground power.
  4. Fragged^2

    Ecam flight control page

    Warthog HOTAS calibrated in both Windows and P3D: Full left deflection and ECAM shows: Default Delta A321, Aerobus version
  5. Fragged^2

    Loading Loadsheet

    I tried again with hitting load on fuel first and then instant and it worked as supposed. If I just do the instant load for all, it's bugged. Just hitting fuel and then immediately hitting instant after that it works fine. I'm on
  6. Fragged^2

    Loading Loadsheet

    Clicked loadsheet on the left: Instant: Actual fuel loaded 9.2 tons.. Init B, Block fuel gets value 2.4:
  7. Fragged^2

    Loading Loadsheet

    Isn't the laodsheet saved in "C:\Users\username\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\LoadSheets\". On the 3rd MCDU Load/Setup page, the loadsheet function loads in the correct numbers, this is not the problem. The problem is on the #1/2 MCDU INIT 2/B page when clicking on Block Fuel and it gives 2.4 instead of the loaded fuel amount. ZFW / CG works just fine on the same page.
  8. Fragged^2

    Are the fuel pump switches dummy?

    The engines will gravity feed just fine without the fuel pumps on.
  9. 5 others reported the same issue in that thread and I believe there's also another whole thread about the issue in addition to the one you locked. 


    At least give the others with the issue a change to continue the discussion, I dgaf if you delete  my message if it makes the thread look better. Locking the thread, instead of just deleting my message helps noone.

  10. Fragged^2

    Managed Speed at Cruise

    Nope. I do enough of IT "stuff" during work hours, I'm not going through a +100 page document to debug your plane. Give me something to work with and I might be more willing to go through all the trouble. POST EDITED BY STAFF TO REMOVE FOUL LANGAUGE, SECOND TIME FOR THIS USER, WILL NOT BE A THIRD TIME.
  11. Fragged^2

    Managed Speed at Cruise

    And it happened again, flying KSAN to KJFK in JBU A321 IAE. After reaching cruise level of FL330 and putting in a direct, shortly after the engines went to idle with managed speed of 126 knots. Airbus is updated to today's experimental patch.
  12. Fragged^2

    Managed Speed at Cruise

    Like I posted in another thread, I've seen this happen when changing the arrival STAR/RWY while in flight. Could it be a desync with the #1 and #2 MCDU? On a recent flight I had a case of AP1 not engaging with MCDU INIT A/B both done correctly. AP2 engaged correctly and flew the route as programmed. I've also had a flight where I couldn't engage either AP even with INIT A and B done correctly.
  13. There's something fishy going on. I've seen reports of mid flight engine shutdown with the Aerosoft A320-series, the CRJ and QW 787.
  14. Fragged^2

    Blank Screens

    Do you have the latest experimental version installed? CRJ version should be and you should be on P3D 4.3.
  15. Fragged^2

    CTD when entering American ICAO Codes

    Use the Aerosoft Updater included with the CRJ to download the update.