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  1. Nominator

    V2.0 Update Availablity

    Hi I am wondering if this update has been sent to the resellers yet? I unfortunately purchased my copy at PC Aviator and they took at least a month to post the last update you provided. I realize that you have little control over their business practices but last time an e-mail from Mathijs seemed to grease the wheels somewhat. Sorry for the Rant but I sure wish this update could have been available with the Aerosoft Updater!
  2. Nominator

    CRJ900 Alitalia

    Version 1.0.0


    A fictional repaint for the CRJ 900 in Alitalia Colours.
  3. Nominator


    Version 1.0.1


    A fictional repaint for the Aerosoft CRJ 700 in Avianca Airlines Colours.
  4. Nominator

    DC 8 Update at PC Aviator?

    PC Aviator finally got around to posting V1.03 today. I noticed that it is about 50Mb smaller than V1.02. I hope that is what it is supposed to be. Anyway, Thanks again to Mathijs for helping out!
  5. Nominator

    DC 8 Update at PC Aviator?

    Thanks Mathijs, much appreciated!
  6. Nominator

    1.03 released

    Hi Guys Are you planning on fixing the Aerosoft updater to work with the DC 8? As of now it doesn't recognize that I have V1.02 installed or that V1.03 is available. It would sure help your unfortunate Customers that purchased your product from a Customer service challenged reseller!! Thanks
  7. Nominator

    DC 8 Update at PC Aviator?

    Just wondering if anyone here has purchased the DC 8 from PC Aviator and has received the V1.03 update. My link to the DC 8 still shows V1.02 and a half dozen emails to PC Aviator have gone unanswered. On their DC 8 product page they advertise that the latest version is 1.03 but it doesn't appear to be available to their customers. I think this will be my last purchase from them!!
  8. Nominator

    PBY Catalina help?

    Thanks CRO. I installed the files and it did indeed fix the ADF but I also got an error message so something got corrupted when I installed the fix. I had to re-install the Cat so I will live without the ADF and DME for now. Maybe the guys @ Aerosoft will figure it out at some point.
  9. Nominator

    PBY Catalina help?

    I have the exact same problem in Prepar3d 3.4. No display on the ADF and DME.