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  1. As is described in logs that V1.2.4.0 should have RNP AR capability, and a L/DEV button should be added on panel. But I cannot find this button on the aircraft. So is there any settings that I can apply this configuration on my aircraft?
  2. I don’t mean to blame someone for it. I just want to inform somebody who packing the installer that he has a missing point throughout the whole development of ASUpdater. In fact, there is chance that “<?” will disappear or show as unreadable code in some non-English language systems with utf-8-BOM encoding and it will cause ASUpdater CTD problem unless you change it to “<?” by hand in xml files with notepad or something else. It occasionally happens with some particular versions of ASUpdater and I confirm that some guys around me have the same problem and don’t have the language competence to write an English post here, so that is why you developers seldom receive the report of this weird error. I hope that it can be avoided in the furture update or it can be informed through some platforms.
  3. Problem solved, it's not the internet error but the character encoding error. It should have be avoided when packing the installer.
  4. I have bought the CRJ aircraft, but as a result of poor outport Internet connection of my region, I can't even start up the ASUpdater (I think it needs some connection to start it up which I can't make it). The Updater flash for a second with a blank page and then CTD. Then I try to use proxy for this program but it only show some net error information and CTD again. So, is it possible to repack the latest version in both instant download page and Updater to help the guys who can't update via the Updater? Or is there any solution to the connection in this updater? Thx in advance.
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