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  1. sitting all alone in the bar, waiting for the others to arrive. Wonder if they gave me the wrong bar again, like last time...
  2. just fly to Gatwick and then backwards to Heathrow, should count
  3. thank you. Was a fun tour. I love touring the virtual world in light aircraft, gives it a whole new dimension.
  4. Last leg, Porto to London Gatwick. Going to miss this adventure. Off to a good start. Good weather, promise of clear skies most of the flight for a nice look at France and the UK. Over the English Channel. Seems so long ago we left these shores. Turning final for the last time with our esteemed guest, he's bubbling with enthousiasm to tell of his adventures. Welcome home. Just over 20.200nm and 154 hours in the air.
  5. Last long leg of the journey, crossing from the Azores to the European mainland. Day looks like great flying weather. Quite a change from the blizzards of the last weeks. Land ho! It's good to be back in Europe. Now where's that winery...
  6. Off we go to the Azores. Back into more pleasant weather. A very early start was called for to arrive with daylight left. LOOOONG over water flight, luckily there were some interesting clouds to look at Getting close. Looks like a cozy little airport town Welcome to Flores, Azores. Next stop, Porto, Portugal.
  7. There is a type certificate for the "standard" plus supplemental type certificates for specific modifications/variants. A complete package is made up of the type certificate plus a subset of the supplemental type certificates.
  8. Decided to go direct to St. John, saves time and a possible bad weather landing as well. Weather was good enough in New York. but approaching our destination the clouds closed in, winds got pretty strong and gusty, and turbulence set in with a vengeance. Strong gusty winds dictated landing on 16, rest of the forecast wasn't very pretty either. CYYT 131920Z 14020G27KT 3/8SM R11/4000V5500FT/U R16/4500FT/U -RA FG VV001 04/04 A2962 RMK FG8 SLP039 Now where are those snow covers...
  9. Thanks Next stop, Newark. Pretty short hop, now into the Big Apple for a few days and then it's off to cross the Atlantic back to Europe.
  10. Departing Kansas City with clear skies and freezing cold. Wish winter were over... Getting a bit cloudy, hope it's not going to snow. We sure ain't in Kansas anymore, descending into Omaha Good night, tomorrow's another day. Next stop, Toledo, Ohio
  11. After a nice week or so in San Francisco, it's off to cross the continent to New York. First stop, Salt Lake City. Setting off into the clear southern California skies in early morning, it is looking like a great day to fly Approaching the great salt lake. Who knew deserts could look so hauntingly beautiful. Happy to be flying over them, rather than tracking a ox drawn cart across them like the settlers did. And there we are, Salt Lake City. Next stop, Omaha Nebraska.
  12. Off to San Francisco, hope the weather clears up, getting tired of the snow and ice. Finally out of the muck over central California.
  13. Off to Portland after a good night sleep. Weather forecast is heavy headwind and low clouds. We had some hairy moments, the headwind was even stronger than expected and at times we hardly made progress at all, but we made it.
  14. Another pre-dawn departure, so as to arrive at Ketchikan before sunset. Clouds down to 2600, terrain up to 2400, going to be an interesting approach. Next stop, Portland
  15. Landing wasn't the problem, finding the runway was. VOR and NDB are offset quite a distance from the field
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