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  1. Not a great year for simmers. First a large Australian company leaves many of its customers in the lurch. Another developer inserts spyware, and now Essellerate. I commend Aeorosoft for its honest policies.
  2. Yes there are many too many European and US airports in the sim and in the Jeppersons. Some of us like to fly to many of the Chinese destinations and from Asian hubs and fortunately some of these airports may be added with Freeware software as few developers bother though there is a semi commercial landclass with airports for china in a few of the stores. Some of these we can even use with Navigraph.
  3. Good thing it did not come to the Airbus....I hate protein in my coffee.
  4. What about the FSX rights Dovetail have. Still selling well and money from DLC continues so I am sure Microsoft takes a cut of that.
  5. I think the 80 days finished in December and a few extra days were allowed, though that would have lost the bet but adding new data now would make a mockery of the event as it was "Around the World".
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