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  1. Hi Michael, First of all, in no way I consider help as a criticism. On the contrary, I acknowledge when people takes their time to offer solutions. This is the main spirit of forums. Now, going to the problem. For me, as a former pilot, it is not right to park the plane, apply the parking brakes and not shutting the engines. It is against a pilot logic. However, I followed you recommendation. I left the engines running and open the C&D window, click on the Cold & Dark key and saved the scenario. I even shut the simulator and the computer. When I opened the scenario the same thing happened. I wanted to record it with Fraps but I cannot make it work in Windows 10 no matter what I do. At the end, I will do as mentioned above and enjoy this wonderful machine. BTW, I just saw Aerosoft releasing a version that includes FSX. Do I need to buy to play it in FSX? Best Regards
  2. Final: 1. I save the Scenario with engines off. EXT Batt. Check Failures Panel. Clean 2. Start the Scenario and find: a. fuel handles on b. engines not running but after 20 to 30 seconds they start and all systems working. Failures panel OK. Hyd Pumps working 3. Fuel handles OFF, engines down. All systems down. 4. Check Failures Panel and find the three Hydraulic pumps failed. This is the problem and at this time i gave up. What I do now and works:: 1. Start the scenario 2. Set fuel handles off 3. Set PWR EXT and EXT Air. 4. follow the rest of the check list to prep the flight 5. After everything is okay, turn the engines 3,4,2,1 6. Go to Failures Panel and RESET it. Hyd Pumps start working. 7. Take off. As said before, I will not touch this topic again. Appreciate all your effort in fixing it but I guess this is a problem that will be fixed in the near future. Meanwhile, I enjoy flying this machine. Still some problems with the INS but working on it. Some times it works, sometimes it does not.
  3. I normally use EXT PWR while in the ground to save the plane Battery. This is normal. There is no way you can start the engines without EXT AIR (Shift+Q). To Align the INS you must run the Cabin Compressors for cooling purposes. With the Cabin compressors on you don't have enough air pressure to start the engines. This insures that you cannot run the engines before INS is Aligned. After INS aligned Cabin compressors are turned on and then there is enough air pressure to start the engines. When I load my Scenario all engines are running with fuel levers ON no matter I saved with engines off and all 4 fuel levers OFF. You are lucky. I am open to suggestions because I like this plane and no matter will keep using it. I thought I was using EXT PWR and EXT AIR in the proper way. I thought I was reading the valid check-list. If there is another one please share. I had the idea to run a video but cannot make FRAPS work in Windows 10 since I wanted to share how things are in a visual format. Will keep trying. I appreciate all the inputs and help from you guys.
  4. This is the Failure Panel I am referring to. It shows the component marked al already failed. Not even armed. Failed.
  5. Report: after 9-1/2 hours flight: Park Brakes, fuel levers OFF 4 engs Check Failures Panel. Clean. Set PWR to EXT. Check Failures Panel. Shows all Hyd Pumps as FAILED. RESET All Save Scenario
  6. After installing the update file last week, here are my findings: (I save my Scenarios always in a Cold & Dark Condition) Load the Scenario All 4 fuel levers ON but only Engine 3 running Left Hyd Pump running 3000 psi PWR on Batt; EXT AIR ON pressure reaching the top 50 psi Check Failures Panel. Clean INS On. Set Cold & Dark condition Shift+3 All 4 Engines fuel levers OFF EXT AIR ON (?), PWR Off Hyd Pumps OFF INS Off Set PWR to Batt Check Failures Panel. Hyd Pumps 1, 2, Elect marked as FAILED RESET All Set ALL Cabin Compressors ON. INS to Stby, Enter POS, ALIGN, enter all 9 WP Manually. At this time I cannot make the INS Planner to work. And yes, I read the Manual twice. Start Engine 3 No Hyd on Right Pump. Check Failures Panel. Same as 3.1 RESET All with the Engine 3 running. Right Pump ok. 3000 psi. Start Engines 4, 2, 1. Set Generators, PWR to Batt, Set ALL Pneu System switches to High. EXT AIR Off After 45 minutes the INS right screen remains in 0 65 Decided to go and fly as in the 1930's.
  7. Could I get this livery? Very much appreciated.
  8. Here are the files. Meanwhile I will continue working on and as soon as I find something relevant I will let you know. Definitely engines are running on start. I did yesterday this exercise: 1. Loaded Tutorial. 4 Engines running. Shut them by cutting the fuel off in the pedestal. RESET (Ctrl+;). Started Engine 3 and got 3000 psi on the RT Pump. 2. Changed planes on the Tutorial Scenario. It loads with all engines running.
  9. This is how the code in PreparD is. But after many trials I still don't have a clue of what is going on. Sometimes it works, but most of the time is not. I uninstalled the software about three times and even did it with PreparDv4 but the problem still is there. One thing is for sure and I don't know why and how is happening: No matter that I save my scenarios always Cold and Dark, every time I load it the engines are running but no hydraulic pressure. With the tutorial is the same but here after I run Cold and Dark again and start Eng 3, there is hydraulic pressure from RT pump showing 3000 psi. The problem seems to be random. There is another issue but I don't know whether is relevant for the problem: The plane is installed in PreparD in two directories: Prepard3v4/Aerosoft/DC-8-50/SimObjects/Airplanes/DC-8-50 and also Prepard3v4/SimObjects/Airplanes/DC8-50 (see pictures) So, at this time I am about to crawl the walls. In flight the plane is a beautiful machine and I like it a lot. Also cannot use the INS which I have used way before when CIVA started many years ago. But will keep trying. Thanks for all your support.
  10. Thanks for your input. I will do it.
  11. Hi Michael, just sent it with the proper PNG format. Sorry for the mistake.
  12. Just in case the previous pictures cannot be viewed, I am sending them again in PNG format. (Sorry for the mistake) Description: 1. Hyd0: Both ENG driven pumps on BY-PASS, Auxiliary Pump Active. Only Elev Trim. Flap handle moves but no gauge indication and not flaps movement 2. Hyd2: Both ENG driven pumps ON, Auxiliary Pump Active. Only Elev Trim. Flaps inoperative. Both Low Pressure lights ON 3. Hyd3: Both ENG driven pumps ON, Auxiliary Pump STOP. No Trim. Flaps only to 1rst Notch. 4. Hyd4: Both ENG driven pumps BY PASS, Auxiliary Pump STOP. No Trim. Flaps extend fully but retract only to 1rst notch. 5. Hyd6: Both ENG driven pumps BY PASS, Auxiliary Pump Active. (Note is same as No. 1) Elev Trim OK. Flaps retracts fully.
  13. The attached pictures show my problem with the hydraulic system on the DC-8. It makes very hard to handle the airplane under these conditions. Please advice and thanks in advance.l DC-8-50 Hyd6.ppp DC-8-50 Hyd4.ppp DC-8-50 Hyd3.ppp DC-8-50 Hyd2.ppp DC-8-50 Hyd.ppp
  14. Hi, I would like to get some advice on how to enter fuel comsumption for a new aircraft in the database. I went through the whole manual but it doesn't mention this subject. Thanks in advance. Hector
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