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Errors with LIMC Malpensa Runway Lights

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Hello David,


I've just installed your Malpensa scenery and I'm very pleased with it. A bit heavy on the frames compared to other airports this size, but not a big issue.

I did find some errors with the runway lights though (tested in P3D v3.4):

  • RWY35R and 35L are missing the touchdown zone lights. Those are actually a requirement for CAT3 equipped runways and are a worldwide standard
  • So far I've only checked RWY35L and R, but not 17: The runway end lights should be red instead of green. Green lights only for the threshold of the BEGINNING of the runway, the end must be red.


Hope this can be fixed in an upcoming update. Thanks!


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On 12/22/2016 at 6:20 AM, David Rosenfeld said:

I send The update to Aerosoft But Ithink it will be realesed after Christmas rush :(



Hi David,

am I correct in assuming that the update hasn't been released so far? The download shop still shows V 1.11, whose change log doesn't say anything about runway light fixes...




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