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  1. What are you guys talking about? This has been identified like two weeks ago. It's not a bad AI traffic file. The issue disappears once this file is deleted: So for reasons not yet identified, one BGL file from the latest SODE jetways download causes this CTD. Remove it and the CTD is gone. Works perfectly fine for me, and also for other users, as can be read in the linked thread.
  2. Michael, not all of your suggestions are good ones. If any ICAO code is used by an airline for PAX as well as cargo aircraft, then the code needs to be amended by the letter C. So it would be UAEC instead of UAE, otherwise P3D would start sending passenger aircraft to cargo gates. Same for EVA, MAS and some others.
  3. Hi Oliver, it's only the airport not covered with snow, so it seems to be the same issue that you already know about. Thanks for fixing!
  4. Can someone using ORBX Germany South please check seasons on their system? When I use the configurator to select Germany South seasons / textures, I never see the snow-covered ground texture, it always stays green regardless of the Winter month I choose, even for the Hard Winter season of P3D in January / February. If I de--select ORBX GES seasons in the configurator, I get a proper snow-covered ground texture in the Winter months. But obviously I no longer have it matched to ORBX GES textures. So something seems to be broken with the seasons definitions if ORBX GES is selected, preventin
  5. Thanks for that, I can confirm deleting that dummy file while using the new SODE jetways does not produce any CTD. Great find
  6. Thank you Oliver, testing with Version 1000 of the SODE jetways I can confirm that the CTD does not occur.
  7. @mopperle It is really quite annoying for Aerosoft to constantly close support topics, even though the case has NOT been verified to be closed! So I hereby reopen the topic of CTD at EDDM, since I too get this issue. The Event Viewer shows a generic Kernelbase crash: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5eebf566 Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.19041.388, time stamp: 0x3cc24707 Exception code: 0xc0020001 Fault offset: 0x0000000000023e49 Faulting process ID: 0x2278 Faulting application start time: 0x01
  8. ...and all the other issues to be corrected, hopefully! Would be nice to have an idea of when to expect the update, it has been very silent ever since we've reported all the issues. And the AFCAD has been improved by Oliver many months ago but still isn't available anywhere? Markus
  9. Hi Oliver, I know the runway concepts of LSZH are not at all AFX friendly, unfortunately. Whatever you do, here's the three guidelines I hope you can comply with: IFR traffic MUST NOT land on runway 32, this is completely unrealistic due to terrain and buildingsIFR traffic MUST NOT land on runway 10More than one runway has to be active Whatever else remains is ok, even if it's not consistent with a real runway concept. All departures on runway 10/28 and all landings on runway 16/34 perhaps? Unfortunately the only professional source for the public was closed around a yea
  10. I've bought Zürich 2012 and must say I am VERY happy with the visual quality, the modeling and texturing is superb, clearly the best looking LSZH scenery so far. And all this with an excellent frame rate. So thank you very much for this. I've found a couple of bugs and issues I would like to mention. Some are just details and others rather major ones that need an update. 1.: AFCAD / AFX file: This airport REALLY needs a multiple runway AFX file! It is impossible to handle the amount of traffic in Zurich if the aircraft are departing and arriving on the very same runway. The included AFX
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