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  1. @Jo Erlend First let me thank you for giving us the ORBX colour option! Looks perfect now! (Have to say thank you here as my original thread was closed ) I see the same issue as the OP, my docking guidance only shows the stop indication when I'm already dangerously close to the terminal wall, way past the last stop marking on ground. Are you certain that it works fine with all aircraft? I am using Chase Plane, does that create the problem perhaps? Thanks, Markus
  2. @Jo Erlend Thank you for your amazing work on EDDK, it's always nice to have another high quality German airport available. I have only one request: Please make the scenery compatible to ORBX as an option. The photo terrain colour should match with the ORBX FTX Global / FTX Germany textures, as well as the seasons for a seamless transition at all times. Having this option would make your scenery perfect. Other Aerosoft scenery has this option, so I sort of expected this when it had been advertised as "FTX Germany South" compatible during development. Surely a masterpiece like EDDK should be having an option to match the most popular terrain add-on out there? Thanks, Markus
  3. I'm sorry, I was looking to find your hardware specs but didn't see it. Well if you own this card, then your SSAA settings certainly are not the cause for your stutters. Oliver seems to have an explanation for them, so let's hope Jo can fix it.
  4. But your screen resolution is low for today's standards, so you shouldn't need to worry about using 4xSSAA. Screen resolution can have a major impact on performance still, that did not go away. Check any graphics card benchmark to see the difference between 1080p and 4K. In your case 4xSSAA COULD be an issue if you use an old and slow video card.
  5. Uh Mathijs, that's why many developers give customers the OPTION to have the colours matched to FTX Global textures. There is no such thing as a "correct" colour for summer, so many variables in place, hence good developers give options. And you DO advertise the scenery as state-of-the-art scenery design!
  6. ...and all the other issues to be corrected, hopefully! Would be nice to have an idea of when to expect the update, it has been very silent ever since we've reported all the issues. And the AFCAD has been improved by Oliver many months ago but still isn't available anywhere? Markus
  7. Hi Oliver, I know the runway concepts of LSZH are not at all AFX friendly, unfortunately. Whatever you do, here's the three guidelines I hope you can comply with: IFR traffic MUST NOT land on runway 32, this is completely unrealistic due to terrain and buildingsIFR traffic MUST NOT land on runway 10More than one runway has to be active Whatever else remains is ok, even if it's not consistent with a real runway concept. All departures on runway 10/28 and all landings on runway 16/34 perhaps? Unfortunately the only professional source for the public was closed around a year ago, there had been a database by Eurocontrol which is no longer available for the public. Drop me an e-mail if ever you're not sure about a code, that's all I can offer right now. One airline flying to LSZH that had its ICAO code changed not too long ago is US Airways. Used to be USA, but now it's AWE. I see your problem. However I strongly suggest to apply the FSX standards to an FSX scenery, and the FS9 standards for an FS9 scenery. I too use some FS9 AI models with my UT2 traffic, but I did change their radius to FSX standard. Those of us who stick to FSX standards should not be "punished" when buying a FSX-scenery just because some people still use FS9 models without modifying them. So please keep it standard and simple. FSX sceneries get FSX radius. That's what SimWings does and it would be nice if developers all could do the same. I know of no other windsocks than the ones you already added. Thanks for making them orange colour, this will help to actually see them If possible could you make the moving sock a bit larger? The size you have in now might be ok for a small airfield, but at a big airport they're so hard to see. At least the ones in LSZH are larger than yours. But that's just a detail, if too complicated I'm happy with the colour change. Thanks a lot, Markus
  8. I've bought Zürich 2012 and must say I am VERY happy with the visual quality, the modeling and texturing is superb, clearly the best looking LSZH scenery so far. And all this with an excellent frame rate. So thank you very much for this. I've found a couple of bugs and issues I would like to mention. Some are just details and others rather major ones that need an update. 1.: AFCAD / AFX file: This airport REALLY needs a multiple runway AFX file! It is impossible to handle the amount of traffic in Zurich if the aircraft are departing and arriving on the very same runway. The included AFX file results in a single runway for both, resulting in 20 aircraft waiting in front of the runway with no way of departure because there's always one on final. So we really need a second runway to be used. If you do not know how to make a multiple runway AFX file, ask Mike Strasser from Sim Wings, he knows. 2.: Again AFX file: Airline assignments are incomplete and erroneous. The ICAO code for Swiss Intl. Air Lines is SWR and NOT CRX. Yes I know it is wrong in UT2. Anyway, all the gates that have CRX should also get an SWR in addition. CRX is no longer a valid ICAO code. But you can leave it in, doesn't hurt. But it needs SWR. One World carriers should be at terminal 1, like BAW or RJA, also NLY. The ramp stands west of threshold 34 should be made bigger in diameter. Those need to be available for heavies. As it is now I have my Antonov 124 and the UAE government B777 parking at the new terminal 2 instead of the Whiskey-Stands where they get parked on the real airport. 3.: Just a minor detail: The ground radar on top of the ATC tower is not correctly connected to it's supporting structure, looks odd when rotating. 4.: The wind socks at LSZH are bright orange in colour, not red and white stripes. 5.: The taxiway signs should be done in better quality. The ones we see at present look like default ones generated by the AFCAD. They do not match the ones on the real airport and look very cheap compared to the rest of the airport. The real taxiway signs are of a darker yellow and darker red colour, and they are NOT black on the backside but grey. 6.: I've spotted some floating obstacle beacons, two in front of Hangar 2 and 1 in front of the prison. That's all for now. I hope those issues will be addressed in an update soon. Once again I want to point out I really like the overall quality of the scenery, I just want to help you make it even better, so that people will not go and buy that warmed up 2nd gen. scenery coming from FSDT soon... The single runway issue is really critical. I've ran the simulation during the time I wrote this post. The queue didn't get shorter at all, traffic has no chance for departure, so if the user wants to depart from LSZH while adhering to ATC, he will be stuck on ground taxiing for at least half an hour, no fun! Best regards, Markus
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