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  1. Posted on Zagreb Airport Facebook site “International Zagreb Airport has modified the markings and signs on the manoeuvring area based on a request by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, and regarding the change in magnetic declination. Due to the change in magnetic declination, the runway's magnetic directions are also changing. All markings were changed in one night and, starting from today, the application of new aeronautical charts and AIP data has been put into effect and everything was aligned with the navigation instruments for the new runway direction, which now has new marks 04/22 instead of the previous 05/23. Magnetic declination modification is a multidisciplinary project involving all international airports in Croatia, certified or approved airports, aircraft operators, general aviation, Ministry of Defence and regulatory monitoring by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency.” can this be updated in the zag airport prof product please? Photos: Josip Škof
  2. Not to open a new topic, but why does this happen on approach to the airport? I have just came in from EDDK and can see a lot of artifacts. It didn't happen when i first loaded the airport after install or when i load the airport from the start (last pic) . Thank you for your help. Ivan
  3. The clue how to fix this is xml file in the SODE folder. Sorry, that i can't help you more.
  4. Not to open a separate topic. I have noticed some strage texturing/objects around the D26 stand area, are those from vegetation or something? Great scenery btw, amazing!
  5. Mine is on 1.3 V for now, but still i think that a temperature is still jumping too high.
  6. You need to put SODE folder from the zip file to ...\Cologne-Bonn Professional\Configuration Tool\Library folder. Then you can activate it with the configurator. Great scenery btw Thank you!
  7. Maybe I am not clear enough, I was just interested did anyone modified original aerosoft afcads of the mentioned airports, so they respond to their real life counterparts ie airlines' gates assigments.
  8. I was refering to the Aerosoft airports, but thatnk you anyway
  9. I did on avsim, i will look on flightsim though. Ones that are available on avsim are for FS9. Thanks.
  10. Hello everybody! I was just wondering if anyone can share their AFCADs of ESSA, EDDM, LSZH, and EDDF if they have the gates set like in real life. Thanks! Ivan
  11. thanik you for reply! oh yes i know there is an afcad, original form instalation. i was just wondering is there a modified afcad, like with all gate assigments, cause my planes are not parked as they should be (ie Qantas on B gates) LOL! :)thanks anyway
  12. hello! Since my EDDF doesn't have any designated parking space (default Aerosoft installation) is there any good AFCAD avaliable? thank you
  13. Today I bought AES 2.09a. Never used it on my computer before, and i try to run it to activate Frankfurt X and UK2000 EGLL v2 and it says i have illegal keys. what a??? what can be done? did i just spend 20$ for nothing? thanks, ivan
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