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  1. Not to open a new topic, but why does this happen on approach to the airport? I have just came in from EDDK and can see a lot of artifacts. It didn't happen when i first loaded the airport after install or when i load the airport from the start (last pic) . Thank you for your help. Ivan
  2. The clue how to fix this is xml file in the SODE folder. Sorry, that i can't help you more.
  3. Not to open a separate topic. I have noticed some strage texturing/objects around the D26 stand area, are those from vegetation or something? Great scenery btw, amazing!
  4. Mine is on 1.3 V for now, but still i think that a temperature is still jumping too high.
  5. You need to put SODE folder from the zip file to ...\Cologne-Bonn Professional\Configuration Tool\Library folder. Then you can activate it with the configurator. Great scenery btw Thank you!
  6. I never did, as it is obvious, cause it somehow did work without it. Thank you again for an advice and your help
  7. Copying full path E:\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\.... onto ..\..\..\..\ in fallback.1=..\..\..\..\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0\Texture made things work Thank you guys so much!
  8. Instalation path goes like this E:\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Vaernes V2.0, i mean i can try and paste the path into the text files.
  9. It's P3D v4. Yes I am actually very familiar with files structures and yes, i agree, the program can't find necesary textures. No, the files have not been removed from their installation location. I made the install outside of the simulator, like all of my addon airports. But also i have found out that the jetways at Oslo airport are black too. I remember them working okay the other day. I have also checked other airports that use SODE and haven't found issues. I have tried reinstalling SODE but no use. Thanks
  10. Gents, After installing ENVA I only get black textures. SODE is running the latest version, tried adding the airport via the xml method and via the scenery dialog in p3d, in both cases black textures. Any solution to this? Looked on the forum but similar posts made no results. Thank you Ivan
  11. Tried both German and the US, since all three showed the same version on them. Although I have just logged to my account again and the newest version for V4 is there now. Thank you Mathijs
  12. As an owner of STB v3 for P3D v3 I understood that STB for v4 is a free upgrade. But I don't see it in my account. The newest version for P3D v3 is available but now the one for v4. Thanks, Ivan
  13. Has light cone been fixed and uploaded to the new installer? Thank you
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