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  1. Beta tested the Super Cub, A-10 and one other, but time has dimmed the memory of that one. GB
  2. Well, I know for sure that this Sony DSLR is NOT a grey-market coming from Amazon, and if I had bought it on a 5th Avenue Big Box Camera shop (for more money) I would not have been assured of that. Furthermore, no matter from whom I bought it, any adjustments, repairs, etc are done only by Sony, not by the seller. I bought a 50-300mm zoom lens from a major NY camera company that has 4-8 page adverts in all of the US camera magazines. It was sold to me at list price plus $28 shipping. When it arrived, it was marked, "not for sale in the US". My responsibility for repair was to return it to Japan rather than the companies US division. This was clearly Grey- market material, even though their advert never mentioned that it came without a valid US warrenty. Had I wanted to return it, I would have had to pay a 20 % "restocking" fee. Luckily, it has been a reliable lens , but I am still without a repair facility or warentee. Amazon was out of stock when I ordered, but they assure US buyers in their adverts that these are authorized US products. I hope this offsets the earlier confusion.
  3. Shaun, The reason I have missed being here for the last 7 years was I was heavily into RC flying. After U-Control and free flight when I was a kid, the new electric motors, 2.4 Ghz Transmitters/rcvrs and lipo batteries are malking the hobby much easier. You mentioned stitches, as safety officer for our club, I had to report the AMA and other groups why one of our slightly fumble fingered members lost 2 1/2 fingers on his left hand while trying to adjust a needle valve on a Saito 82. it can happen. I am glad to be back on line with Aerosoft and simming again. GB
  4. I am a frequeant buyer from Amazon; books, music, and even my digital SLR and have enjoyed the significant discounts and excellent shipping service I have found there. That being said, I will never buy simming software from them. Not because I feel it would be less than legal, but because they are a reseller of such things, and have absolutely no interest in the hobby, they probably don't even keep records on the sales of these items as they are a vanishingly small subset of their business. I will only buy from suppliers that have an interest in the business and consider it their mainstream. The fact that good developers/originators like Aerosoft and PMDG have such a track record of delivery of excellent products, and communicate openly with their customer base (that Mathijs has thousands of posts and that Shaun is everywhere on the site with help, thoughts, querys about potential new products is certainly different from top management at Amazon or any other reseller.) Failure to support Sim based companies is failure to support our own best interest for the hobby.
  5. I am really ready for this FSX upgraded product. I find that there are times when I fly FS9 just because I get to use FSK, it is that important to me. GB
  6. Snave and Souday have it right. If you want to fly the heavy metal, you have to practice and practice again. I have 2500 hrs Multi-engine jet time, 155 in high performance jet (T-38 ) and a Commercial, Instument and Glider ratings, as well as several thousand hours in GA aircraft, as well as an estimated 1000 hours of simulator time and I don't fly the SH-60 that well, but after I have 50 hours in the sim, I believe I will do fine. It is a highly complicated and sophistocated , not very intuitive way to fly and Thank God it is, thats what we need to offset all of the crapware out there with flight models "borrowed" from Cessna 172 and Mooneys. Let me save you some money and frustration---don't buy the PMDG 747-400 or 737-NG series, they demand you read, understand and practice to master them. GV
  7. Shaun, I tried to do this by PM but found out that PM has been dropped. Anyway, I ordered and recieved my FSX SH-60 last night and I am very happy with the package (as expected). But, I paid the full $41.98 even though I correctly entered the s/n of my FS9 version in the proper place on the order form. I ordered from the US/Can store. Any help or ideas? Thanks, Green Bean
  8. With this as the case, it sounds like we all benefit. We are all eager for at least one of more or these to launch and I am sure you guys will be happy to push them out of the door. GB.
  9. Spectacular! I am eager to try ths one out. GB
  10. Yeah. what he said. I came out of there yesterday in a DG 808 and had a really nice hour of thermaling over near Pearl Harbor, but one has to watch the traffic (both military and commercial) into PHNL. Lovely airport and the Discus will fit right in. GB
  11. Ian, I had considered doing the same thing to give me autopilot capability, but then I thought," this is the newest FS yet, and I have to go back to FS98 style flying? Since I have two really nice airplanes with good glass and autopilots, why am I flying this lame Mooney?" GB
  12. Snave is right on, the MS implementation of the G1000 (at least in the Mooney Bravo) is next to useless as I want to fly 700 mile legs in the plane at medium altitudes, and for that, I need access to an autopilot. I can trim out the vertical migrations, but after a few minutes the heading starts to wander. The good implementations of the Avidyne Entegra like the Columbia 400 and Cirrus SR22 from Eaglesoft give me a nice working S-Tec 55 autopilot along with the PFD/MFD. GB
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