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Preview: Aerosoft Gliders

Mathijs Kok

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I'm one that likes a pilot there. In real life I'd see my own legs and hands on teh controls so in the sim I would expect to see something there as well.

Looks like the solution has been worked out already though. Some gliders for FS2004 had the option to have or not have a pilot. You used the Lights on / off button to do this as lights are redundant on a glider.

Still cant wait for this to be released :D

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Today I want to tell you a small story

Yesterday was such a fine day, so I decided to do a cross country flight.

So I went to the airfield an took my DiscusBT.

The takeoff was at 10:30


But I found no thermals first, even though the clouds where looking good.

So I decided to use the engine to search a fine lift


And soon I found, what I wanted :-)

So I started my cross country flight.




After 584 km it was very late and the thermals pretty weak.

And I had at least 56 km to do




Finaly there where no thermals any more.

So I had to use my engine again.


Finaly I reached my field :-)




Final approach


And I am back on earth :-)


I hope You like this story as I like to fly this glider.

note. Only the first shot is modified to do the winch rope. All others are pure FSX.

Best regards Joachim

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Finaly there where no thermals any more.

So I had to use my engine again.

Well, I guess thats because of the dirt behind the main weel. Might have cost you a few promille of glide. :wink: This may be the only un-realistic feature of your texture, given what cleaning maniacs glider pilots usually are. :D

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But the dirt on this position is very realistic, i think. You can't clean your aircraft on this position after every flight, we do this only in Winter, and that looks like here: So, my opinion, let the dirt. ;)

Edit: But only there- the rest should be 1a clean, I won't see any dirt on the wings. Hehe...

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Hmm... winchlaunch is a subejct for itselfes in FSX... It is simply not possible till now.. We are working on that. But we dont know the end of the story...

The dirt? Not from the engine... Enginedirt is on top of the fuselage and at the vertical stab. It is hard to remove...

The dirt behint the wheel is from the wheel. Imagine, wet grass, a bis dirt, and a aerotow... There IS dirt on this place :D

We are cleaning this place after each day, too.

Gliders are cleaning maniacs.

You can't get a good performance with a dirty plane. But the region behind the wheel? Well, I think it is rather unimportant... I dont think that anyone would feel a difference

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I'm speaking from the area behind the wheel, Joachim. ;):D

Nobody worries about that dirt, as i said, we clean the aircraft behind the wheel only in the Winter break (for that you have to turn around the aircraft und of course you can't turn around your plane after every flight :D)

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