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  1. Hello Back again after some quick tests. Everything is ok now. This issue happend since I change aircraft state from " take off state " to " turn around state ". I swing the same routine and got the same issue. But after reboot the PC all was good again. I will take the opertunity to say this Areosoft A320 prof is very impressive. The machine is very proffesional designed. I´m so glad to have it in mt fleet. Regards Folke Ekeroth
  2. ok! will test with some ideas and come back with eventually good news! Regards Folke Ekeroth
  3. Hi, I have a small problem. After the latest update via Areosoft updater of the A320 profsional, I can not see the frequency, transponder code and speed, altitude, heading etc. there are dark fields in the display. Have I missed something in the update that I have to do to make all this visible. I have screwed up all the display lights. Grateful for the idea of how to proceed. Best Regards Folke Ekeroth
  4. Hi, Many thanks for so good help! . I took the time I needed to reinstall P3DV4 and install and everything else in add on and the bus of course. After fired up after installation and a couple of t/o I can say it works as normal. Handfly, use a/p with checklist and without and it works now. Again many thanks for help. Regards Folke Ekeroth
  5. Hi, I love flying the A320 prof but sometime there happen a thing not so fun I crash. Doing the preparation with fuel checklist and everything else include before checklist set thrust accelerate to rotate pitch about 10 and we lift of after about 50 ft the plane lose speed have here try different things to get more speed as a/p on a/p off a/th on off but full thrust but saidly the plane crash. I have all new updates as Installed version: . Any ideas? Best regards Fplke Ekeroth
  6. I thank You so much my friend! I will check this tomorrow! Regards Sven-Erik Ekeroth
  7. Hi, A very little question regarding this beutiful AC A320 prof. Use sometimes the checklist for pilote and Co pilote. Cockpit preparation checklist the reding stop after the Copilote lady read ATC Mode...... then she repeat Mode...... nothing more happend and I try to skip but no response. Then I need to do the checklist manually. What I´m doing not right? Please let me know if any have a solution for it!. Regards Sven-Erik Ekeroth
  8. Many thanks for Your reply Mathijs. Regards Folke Ekeroth
  9. Hi, I have used Your Airbusses many thousends of hour and I will say I love this plane and it´s give me so many nice hours with my simulator. Upgrade the old 32 bit to 64 bit recently and found a littele strange behavement. First of all it could be my behavement of the aircraft doing this very high climb rate initialy after t/o. I doing like this follow the checklist for t/o Flex 45 t/o with 10 degree pitch gear up checklist and now the aircraft start climb very fast 5000 6000 ft set autopilot on at about 1000 ft and manage mode set climb mode about vhere it schould be. Now often the speed went down so I need to switch of autopilote to stabilise the aircraft with manual pitch down. Now I can get the aircraft stable let´s say 3000ft/min and soon start fly at a/p on doing checklist and all it´s over and I have mostly a very nice flight. What I´m doing wrong or is there a little bug? Best regards Folke Ekeroth
  10. HI! Would love to se a repaint to SAS A 319 with CFM engines. Regards Folke Ekeroth Scandinavian Virtual Airlines
  11. Hi! Your liveries is fantastic!!!! I looking forward to have a SAS liveries for Areosoft Airbus 319 CFM! I know there is one for the IAE but there is still problem with this machine and fly without problem with the CFM. But no SAS liveries. Thanks and Regards Folke Ekeroth Scandinavian vIrtual Airlines
  12. Hi! Is there any repaints for the Areosoft A319 CFM in SAS livery. I have only see SAS livery for the IAE version. Regards Folke Ekeroth Scandinavian Virtual Airlines
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