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  1. Hello! I looking forward to see this fly and thanks for Your initial information. Will fly the CRJ in the while! Regards Folke Ekeroth
  2. Hi all in Areosoft team, I have with interesting read topics on this forum about the development of CRJ. After years of flying Areosoft A320 I decide to buy Areosoft CRJ for P3d. For a while ago I start to learn to operate the CRJ. I´m glad I did this because the machine is very very beautiful to fly in P3D5.1 hotfix1. It would be with big thankful respect for Areosoft I looking forward to the release day and buy the CRJ for MSFS2020. The first take off after clerence from Vatsim controller break the cloud top and se the sun. Make a good approach see the landing light got landing clerence and park at the gate after a perfect flight. This will be a great great day for me belive me. Thanks Areosoft team! Regards Folke Ekeroth
  3. Thats ok I wait! Regards Folke Ekeroth
  4. Hello, I understand that AS has identified the problem that you do not get the pop up box keyboard so you can type with it. My question is whether it is due to my computer / Windows setup or possibly a bug in the program. After all, not many people seem to have this problem. Can I do something myself to get around the problem and make it work and then wait for a solution until the next update?
  5. Hi, Thank you Areosoft for the new EFB installation in the small buses! I found a small problem after installing the new update yesterday. I can't use the keyboard even though I click on the center frame of the upper frame on the EFB and it glows green. Am I doing something else wrong? In the A330 it works. Thankful for some idea of this! If You need any other information please let me know. Regards Folke Ekeroth
  6. Hi, Without studying the forum more recently, maybe something has already been announced when Navigraph is implemented in EFB A330, A320? Would be nice to get good news! I really want to emphasize what nice buses the development team created and how well everything works to reality. Thanks Areosoft! Regards Folke Ekeroth
  7. Hi Many Many Thanks all of You in the project team for a A330 just released. I´m greatful that we have a software house as AREOSOFT produce sim software like this Best regards Folke Ekeroth
  8. HI! Would love to se a repaint to SAS A 319 with CFM engines. Regards Folke Ekeroth Scandinavian Virtual Airlines
  9. Hi! Your liveries is fantastic!!!! I looking forward to have a SAS liveries for Areosoft Airbus 319 CFM! I know there is one for the IAE but there is still problem with this machine and fly without problem with the CFM. But no SAS liveries. Thanks and Regards Folke Ekeroth Scandinavian vIrtual Airlines
  10. Hi! Is there any repaints for the Areosoft A319 CFM in SAS livery. I have only see SAS livery for the IAE version. Regards Folke Ekeroth Scandinavian Virtual Airlines
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