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  1. After several months of enjoying the Airbus series, an annoying problem came out of nowhere: whenever I fly an Airbus in an airport with winter textures and ground speed is above 3kts, frame rates would drop to 5fps or below. No issues at all if I 1) switch the season (no winter textures) 2) ground speed is below 3kts. Other addons (PMDG, QualityWings, etc.) run perfectly fine in similar scenarios, only the Airbus. As odd as it seems, I can't get my thoughts straight to think of a good explanation or get close to one. I disabled external addons, reinstalled the aircrafts and still not a single clue. Amazing how we humans created the whole world of software but feel powerless in front of its mysteries!
  2. Hi I just bought Orly (V1.05) and it seems that all the building are blurred. Can anybody explain why this is happening?
  3. thanks for the idea and yes i've deactivated AES and tried the scenery and the problem has gone. so AES was behind the problem. may be Oliver could invetigate this issue further. wondering if others using AES had the same issue?
  4. I'll do further experiences to corner the source of the problem. I wish I could remove AES to see if it was really AES, but I'll loose my 4credits.
  5. i installed the scenery a few days ago and everything was fine until i added AES today. whenever i start a flight the sim crashes with this error "util.dll". the update didn't change anything. any explanation?
  6. for all the cargo carriers visiting Luxembourg, that airport is well worth the purchase
  7. i own the previous aerosoft GA 3 bundle. is there any discount if i buy the new version?
  8. good to see airports outside of US/EU region. i'd like AS doing more african scenery like Cairo, Johannesburg, Lagos.... the continent deserves more attention
  9. thanks oliver for your help but after carefully checking my activated credits log i could not see all of my recentely purchased ones. so i put them again in AES and got my airports back though the mistery is unsolved yet!
  10. i have installed AES on a new computer but before i made a backup of all the folder of AES just not to loose my activated airports and the remaining credits. however, i got a bad surprise with the new installation as AES is showing me 0 credits and many of the airports (KJFK, KORD, LSZH, ESSA, EGLL, ....) that i recentely activated are gone. i remember that i really did a backup of all the contents of AES folder and put it in place before running the installer in the new computer. what surprises me most is that not all airports are lost only those that were activated few weeks before moving AES. is AES supposed to behave like that? from what i read in some topics, this operation is 100% safe and many did it before me so any good explanation?
  11. there is a dedicated section in this forum to post about AES anyway one silly question: did you shut down both engines and set parking brakes?
  12. that's disappointing. anyway we still have two rwys
  13. I would like to know if you have any AFCAD for MAF2005 that opens RWY 18 for takeoffs. this will free the other two runways for landings especially at peack time. p.s.: RWY 18 is actually used in real life
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