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  1. Hello, Thanks for the help but I found the problem. I missed the fact that the "get her ready to fly" in the maint book does the setup. Cheers, Ron Sagel
  2. Hello, I 'm sure I missed something here but I cannot get my joystick or pedals to work with my DO-27 FSX. My Saitek X52 and CH pedals are setup via FSUIPC (registered) for all of my FSX aircraft andthey work great. I installed my DO-27 (FSX) and I cannot get any linkage to my controll surfaces. Rudder pedals do not link eaither. I'm sure I messed up here but I cannot find the problem. Sorry for the bother here, Cheers, Ron Sagel
  3. Hello, I fixed this by running all of the maintenance and repair tasks. One of them repaired the problem. It never occurred to me that the plane, "right out of the box" from installation, needed repairs. Cheers, Ron Sagel
  4. Hello, No - this is the payware version of the KATANA - V1.03 - newest available The flaps can only be lowered by the F8 key and held down - release the key and they go up Mapping of the Flaps switch to keys on my controller via FSUIPC moves the flaps switch but the flaps stay up. Ron Sagel
  5. Hello, New install: My flaps will not stay down. If I set them to lower, they go down until I release the activation switch - they then go back up. I have tried the following: 1.My GOFLIGHT SWITCH for the flaps - no action at all 2. Assigned a controller switch with FSUIPC to raise / lower flaps - same result - they go down and then go back up 3. Tried FSX F5,F6, F7 and F8 switches - same result. 4. Tried mouse on Virtual cockpit - switches go down but flaps stay up Any ideas here please, Thanks in advance, Ron Sagel
  6. Hello, Thank you for all of the help. With your info and a REREAD of the manual I have my new glider/sailplane humming! The startup that you suggested works fine - all instruments power up. I am using the "Complex Aircraft Startup" from Flight One (I believe) to get started. It loads the ultralight with the engines running. Rereading the manual helped a lot - noticed that I had not renamed the suggested file (that conflicts with the CUMULUSX). This made a huge change in my flights - a lot of lift in places that I would expect it! Anyway - I'm off to practice and Thank You Again!!!! Cheers, Ron Sagel NEAR KCHS
  7. Hello, The download that I received is Version 1.01. I do not understand the Cumulusx/sim-probe answer you gave - What is no longer needed? Thank you, Ron Sagel
  8. Hello, I have tried gliders a few times for fun. The new Aerosoft addon has me really interested. A few newbie questions please: 1. I cannot start my instruments on my BM unless I start the engine. I turn on the power and the "gps" comes on. But the main instrument button does not power up the digital system. After I start the engine, the instruments can be powered up. Am I missing something here? 2. Is a real glider really this reactive to the environment? I use the included software to Winch and the SIM_PROBE. I don't understand the sim_probe readout number much - what do they really tell me about ridge lift? 3. Lastly, for now, how long a winch start before engine start is used? I am using 3000 for the winch and then starting the engine on the BM. How much altitude should I shoot for so that I can practice. I am using the MIFFLIN example from the forum as a start point. Thanks in advance, Ron Sagel
  9. More Info- 1. updated Nvidia drivers to most current 2. Same problem - immediate crash CTD when I push the APU switch 3. Tried my old version of the fs9 bird - same issue Something is different now - this used to run. Ron Sagel
  10. 1/ using most current Nvidia drivers from Dell - for my computer 2. Running on XP - don't think the 4 gigs is a problem 3. It happins when I do things like press the APU button in either the FSX or the FS9 version Ron Sagel
  11. Hello, Just bought the Seahawk/Jayhawk. Installed into both FSX and FS9 (different drives for FSX and FS9) Running XP on a quad 6600 with 4 gigs of ram and Nvidia GF9800 GT. SP1 and sp2 for FSX - FS9 is also up to date. XP is also up to date. I get a CTD when I do any display type changes in the sim (2d to 3d / chase view, etc) Does not happen with any other addons. I get it in BOTH fsx and fs9 versions. Happens a few minutes after start of flight. Any ideas here? Thanks in advance, Ron Sagel
  12. Thank you - I use a GOFLIGHT system for almost all of my functions and it looked like the brake was set - BUT IT WAS NOT! Thanks again, Ron Sagel
  13. Hello, I have used AES for a long time. I have a new computer and have FSX on my c: drive and FS9.1 on my D; drive. Running XP (all sp's applied) I just downloaded and installed the most recent AES. I installed my credits (4 packs) and activated all of my Imaginesim Airports. KATL, KCVG, etc. I set up my PMDG 737 and restarted my FS9.1. None of the airports respond with the service. The CTRL-SHFT-W does not work. Am I missing something here? All airports are active in the AES setup and the credits were applied and deducted. Thanks in advance, Ron Sagel
  14. Hello and THANK YOU very much! I followed your detailed fix and it worked perfectly. I believe the problem began with an install of GEX that messed up the SP1/SP2 Thanks again and cheers, Ron Sagel
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