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  1. Any help appreciated must be others with same issue
  2. I have edited both the FSX dll and EXE.dll to include the paths to the respective files and they work perfectly without editing every time as suggested in another post. So i have LOWS with its night lighting and MYNN with docking jetways. Also EPWA and LIRF work fine though I still use AES for these. Very useful thread. John
  3. Well I am most embarrassed - it seems to have worked just by clicking on the luxembourg airports icon in the configurator. Sorry to bother you! John
  4. Reinstalled on a Windows 7 machine for fs9 and cant get the configurator to select the appropriate section to configurate the static - which i want to remove. Its fine with seasons but that i dont want to touch. What is the exact .bgl file to remove please? thnx in advance John
  5. just to say thanx for sorting evreything out - same day reply to my e mail - other companies could learn from your customer service john
  6. just bought amsterdam and very pleased with it. i have to admit i made a mistake as didnt get response through safer pay and went to simmarket and double ordered. is there any way i can get a refund from you? if not accept my own fault and will just have to be less click happy john
  7. From what I can see both up to usual standards - just been out for Sunday lunch so not tried either yet but will do soon John
  8. Many thanks for making this available for FS2004 - definitely not a dying sim. Just bought it together with Ibiza X. As a personal policy I have decided wherever I can to get any scenery or aircraft for FS2004 as I have invested so much in the sim over the years - starting with your own Airbus way back in 2004. Hoping people like PMDG will also realise we fs2004 ers are still around! Thanks again John
  9. Hi Have got double taxi lines allover heathrow which i find very frustrating. I uninstalled heathrowpro and all afcads but still getting them Otherwise nice product but may have to go back to Uk200) as at least with them I dont get double taxisways - although scenery very outdated these days Can someone advise Thnx John
  10. Hi Seasons greetings to everyone Have reinstalled my computer yesterday and cannot reinstall Aerosoft products as the link to the account page with the serial numbers is down - or appears to be anyway Realise its Christmas and possibly overloaded but would appreciate some way of getting my codes even if e-mail! Regards John
  11. Thanks a lot Shaun Downloaded and saved safely this time (I hope) John
  12. thanks a lot shaun - got your update of my trouble ticket as well - great service as usual john
  13. I remember there was a fix to the progressive taxiways and other problems with SCA1 and SCA2 but cannot find any reference to them in the fourms now - which for some reason on my computer only go back to january of this year Could you post the files again please? Thanks John
  14. Shaun Can you activate a new downlaod for my BAe 146 please? Have had to reinstall after virus attacked my hard disk and cannot download this file thanks in adbvance as usual john
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