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  1. I think a rather doable project in terms of payware aircraft is the E-Jet Series by Embraer. The Wilco Pub/Feelthere ones have been around forever and are rather outdated. Currently there are no other smaller jets filling that market segment for FSX and P3D, and personally I'd love to see more from Embraer. We do have the CRJ, but the E-Jets are small, more capable regional jets with all of the technology available in much larger jets (Bless whoever thought of implementing a proper VNAV in them). I see a package being something like the E170 and E190, and then an addition like E175 and E195. Some of the main ways I'd look at it are listed below 1. Massive market, there's hundreds of them in real life, and I think it would be an excellent alternative to the likes of Boeing and Airbus in FSX and P3D 2. They help fill a regional niche very well, one that is under-served by current developers. 3. Usually the markets in which these jets operate are the same ones simmers will have a demand for them (i.e. Canadian origin simmers wanting Canadian Airports, or aircraft, etc) In the E-Jet's case, that would mean there is a massive potential to sell it to simmers from The US, Brazil, and Europe, three very large markets. 4. With many variants built of each type, and many airlines having operated them for a number of years, there should be an abundance of operational data and type-rated/experienced pilots available for technical development and input. 5. Releasing the aircraft as two separate bundles, in staggered releases. I'm not an expert in pricing, but like with the Airbus Professional series, you could release the E170 and E190 first, then the E175, and E195. This could possibly happen with an identical pricing scheme to the Airbus series too (Same cost of each bundle individually, complete package price, etc), and it would fit nicely into the mid-complexity range of aircraft for FSX/P3D. I think it could be a nice change for Aerosoft, having had their Airbuses for years, I can attest to the quality they develop addons with for flight sim. I would love to see an E-Jet done with the level of quality and detail these guys go into, for the practical daily operation of the aircraft. Anyhow, happy new years everyone, cheers!
  2. Awesome! Super excited for it, with the amount of work you guys are putting into it, it'll be a fantastic product that I'm very excited to purchase
  3. Hello, I read a question similar to the one I'm about to ask a few pages back and I believe it may have been overlooked but I was still curious about it so I was hoping it could be answered. Just a bit confused as to whether by "early next year" you meant the first quarter of 2018 or early 2019. Sorry if this has already been answered or if my interpretation's simply wrong lol
  4. @Mathijs Kok So far a lot of people are suggesting WHAT has potentially been changed in the picture. Forgive me if I misinterpreted the question, but I believe you asked WHY you go back to work on the A320 series. From a business perspective, I think that newer, more efficient ways of developing aircraft for the sim are being discovered while making the A330, and this ultimately adds value to the product by giving you a technology and process advantage. Normally if a company has a range of similar products, I suspect their goal is to continually improve the products to a certain point of maturity by adding value to them. This could be done through the means of newer technology, optimized code, better processes, etc. It is ultimately wise to implement these new value-added advancements to your product line to increase their combined value, add commonality, and increase it's usability which renders it more competitive in the market. I think one distant industry example might be when Boeing developed the 767/757 in parallel. The new advances in one were completely transferable to the other and they added to the overall value of both products. And does this strategy work? Of course! Just look at the number of airlines that bought BOTH the 757 and 767. I think the key word in your question was 'lateral', hence the lateral implementation of the A330's tech into the A320 series. Of course, I may be completely way in over my head with this answer, but there ya have it
  5. Can't wait for the A330! My favourite bird!

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