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  1. @ Eric, It's a bit of both. I do find the elevator (IMO) over sensitive when using stick. I use a FS application (Realtrim IIRC). Works fine, no problem. I do observe when applying trim using keyboard, the trim indicator moved alot when using just a little movement. @ Simon,understood.
  2. Good morning, I am using default FSX settings, no FSUIPC interference.
  3. I can't point you in that direction, but I can compliment you on a nice paint job ddeuce.
  4. Does the elevator trim act very sensitive? I am finding it a bit difficult to zero out the trim for some reason. What are your settings?
  5. Yeah Tristan, Mostly with the Bronco,...IIRC I thought I read somewhere about the throttle sensitivities somewhere too for FSX. Seems the settings need adjustment in FSX settings, just not sure what.
  6. Is there any recommendations in FSX settings for this aircraft? Seems the elevator is too sensitive. I am using Saitek X52.
  7. I am gonna finally load her up here in a few & get familiar. Bought her yersterday but that four letter word that starts with a "w" got in the way...till now. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  8. That is funny. Least your humor is intact..lol
  9. Patrick, Those shots kick some serious butt!! Great work bud.
  10. That is an "FSX thing" IIRC.
  11. Those sounds in the vids may not necessarily reflect what the released version sounds like. Mr. Kok said in the video comments that there is/was a sound screw-up that was going to be fixed before release. For some of us. sound is a big deal/deal breaker.
  12. Thank you Finn for the answer. I understand FSX is screwed up with doing the turboprops justice I look forward to the release. Merry Christmas to you and to all.
  13. Question regarding engine sounds. Were they recorded from the Bronco? From the video made doing the engine start, the start sounds like default turbine sounds.
  14. That is the USS Boyscout..circa 1952. Powered by two 15 amp Hoovers, one under each wing. The plane really sucks. Or Maybe...A Douglas Destroyer...
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