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  1. VA's I see as a poor example simply because they are free to join and do not claim that they are getting/giving exclusive deals. Again, not know who you are with and the offers, I will hazard a guess that the deals are not exclusive and thus available to other clubs. This, again, boils down to the fact that a subscription site is offering exclusive offers from a number of the biggest developers which means they are only available to those who are willing to pay more for them. I appreciate what you said that it isnt exclusive to you and it make you wonder what the point is then when this is one of their USP's. Maybe its just me but I always saw the flight sim community as supportive and inclusive which is why subscription services generally dont work. Similar comments are being stated on various forums today.
  2. I am guessing you either skimmed or didnt comprehend my post. I am asking Aerosoft whether it is wise or not to support a Flight Sim subscription site that offers exclusive developer deals. By definition, this means they are offering deals that cant or wont be found anywhere else. It worries me that so many of the big developers have agreed to support this venture.
  3. To me, it is very simple. This site is offering "exclusive" deals. That means deals that are not going to be available elsewhere by definition. If you offer the same deal on your own site, it means the website is falsely advertising and breaking the law. That means, to access these exclusive deals, that Aerosoft take part in, we are being expected to pay for it. Surely it is a negative if deals for your products are only available through a subscription service? I highly doubt that your 25% off deal will be the only Aerosoft deal offered through that site. If this is not the case, what is your plan for those that cant/wont subscribe?
  4. WT are ones to look out for, I hear great things.
  5. And there it is, the first exclusive discount - 25% off the A330. What a kick in the teeth to those that faithfully supported you through the years. For shame.
  6. I note with trepidation that the "something big is coming" post turns out to be a new subscription website. https://flightsimassociation.com/ This is a subscription site with the following description: WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN For new simmers or real-world pilots, FSA provides guides, learning resources, and webinars to help you get started in simulation. And for experienced simmers, joining gets you exclusive discounts, in-depth, unique access to developers, and the ability to locate nearby simmers. What worries me here is that we have a subscription website offering "exclusive discounts" and "unique developer access" for the big players barring MSFS, UK2000 and PMDG. I would like to know from Aerosoft what they plan to achieve here. Do you think that, in the middle of a global pandemic, when finances are awful, it is fair/wise/clever to suggest people sign up to a subscription service to get deals no-one else will be able to? Is it fair on the long term Aerosoft customers to prevent them of getting offers without paying more? I fear you may push customers away through this endeavour. Thoughts please?
  7. Thanks. Thats a shame as I cant check if the issue is me or not. I will have to log it and let the support team unpick it all. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, Is there a way of being able to download a previous version of the above? Since the latest update, I have noticed various things that did not occur previously and wanted to test a few theories before realising it was me or having to log a ticket. The download I have is 1401 which is older than I wanted to go back to. Thanks Neil
  9. Interesting. Thank you for advising. The numbers are sequential starting at 0. All I can see is that the Livery Manager is adding the additional [fltsim.x] entry(ies) at the very bottom of the aircraft.cfg file rather than after the last entry. In my case, [fltsim.6] is the last entry of the pre configured skins but [fltsim.7] which is my only added skin for the A320 CFM is right at the bottom of the code.
  10. OK Issue found. The entry in the aircraft.cfg file had been removed/overwritten during the upgrade to yesterday. The texture.xxx folder was there, I did no notice it because it was not named as I expected. Because the folder existed, the livery could not be reinstalled. I don't know if this has been an issue for anyone else or not? Thanks Neil
  11. Hi, Apologies. I am P3Dv5.1 and I installed 2 skins: A320 CFM A321 IAE I tried to reinstall through the livery manager but it says they are installed already despite not appearing in aircraft.cfg not as a texture.xxx folder. Thanks
  12. An update to this - I looked in the aircraft.cfg file and the liveries were not listed nor is there a texture folder. I am not sure where the Livery Manager is getting the info from?
  13. Hi, I updated both the A31x and the A32x to version stable release this afternoon. The liveries I had installed for Fly-UK are no longer showing in P3Dv5 nor the Livery Manager. I try to reinstall but it says they are already installed. How can I get the liveries to appear again please? Is it a matter of a full uninstall/reinstall because that seems OTT for this? Thanks
  14. An update to this. I changed the position on the board that the physical button connected to the control board and it made no difference. I flew LICJ to LICD last night and engaged AP2 during flight. It disengaged immediately and an overspeed warning (with alarm) was displayed on PFD and EICAS. I had to disengage AP1 and then engage it again for normal flight to resume.
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