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  1. Please also note that this is the "no support" page.
  2. Hi, Have you checked to see if it is still in the addons xml file? Did you backup any files first? If not and you can't restore that xml then a reinstall is likely. That bat file is a fairly nuclear option to return P3D to its original state. Thanks
  3. September 24th I believe. Seen it on your site so will be ordering shortly.
  4. On that basis I will hold off on pre order til I see something from Aerosoft! Would rather send the trade your way as you'll get a cut of the money.
  5. Hi This is a no support thread, please can you post this in the right place and this great community will be more than happy to help? Cheers
  6. As an FYI, I had this when I was running GSX. I found I had an older 2015 redistributable installed and on installing the newer one, a lot of my issues went away. Do follow the instructions on that post though.
  7. I apologise for not coming back sooner. Kernelbase.dll is reported on p3d forums and is a Windows OS issue. What worked over there was going to tweaking.com and installing and running the Windows repair tool. I must say that you do so at your own risk.
  8. All, On reading PMDG's weekend update this morning, it appears that P5D is in beta with Hotfix 2. This has apparently screwed up a number of changes made to make aircraft compatible with HF1. This has led them to the decision to halt the rollout of their updates until the HF2 is in RTM. No further details are available right now but it looks like another big update is on its way.
  9. If it had happened, it would be on multiple posts on the forum. Yes, it was due this last week and I am sure Mr Kok will update us as and when there is information.
  10. Hi, Firstly, have you tried any other aircraft on thr same route and settings? We need to see what the cause is. It may not be the A330. Secondly, you say it crashes the sim. Can you confirm that Window does not blue screen and you just end up back at your desktop? Thirdly, have you looked in the event viewer application logs to see if there is an error logged and what the reason code/text is? This is very important and I would appreciate you sharing that information. Fourthly, can you confirm the route you were flying and what addons (other than the A330) you were using (e.g. REX, Orbx, ActiveSky etc)? Finally (for now), please can you confirm that all device drivers are up to date, Windows has no pending updates and p3d and any addons are up to date? Thanks Neil Please also note that this is the "no support" thread.
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