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  1. Solved Reinstalled scenery. Didn't help. Reinstalled GSX => Solved the issue.
  2. Hi guys, I have an issue with Geneva Professional. When using gates A11, A10 and etc GSX cannot find aircraft position. While checking "customize airport position" in GSX it looks like it using AFCAD file from 0601\scenery\APX49150.bgl How can this be solved? Thanks
  3. Hi Dave, Agree that aircraft can be flown without VNAV, but... For more than 1 month that I am having issues with the bus, I cannot receive appropriate support. All that I hear it is : Thousands of customers don't have any issues but only few peoples". And "We don't have issue with a code". I did many flights, with/without weather, step by step flight , reinstalled/ installed bus and checked many things but the issue remains. The only answer I received from the support was: we unable to reproduce the issue and etc... Now you are saying there is smth in the code...
  4. Hello. I reinstalled Aerosoft bus again. I also did step by step flight. Same issue. I can't use the product. I asked for a refund cause I can't fly with the aircraft. Gregory
  5. Mathijs, 1. I didn't say even one time that the problem is with the code. Did I? I just said that I have an issue. A few other people commented the same. 2. One of the feedback's of people that like the product is mine. 3. I don't want to argue with you as I have much respect to you and whole Aerosoft team. I just asked for help. Sorry it doesn't getting along your statistics. 4. I waited for this product for a long time and supported this development in many Facebook groups. So I am not looking for problems, throlling and etc. I am 39 years old and have enough things to do in my life. 5. The bottom line, sorry for bothering you. I don't know what to do and I leave it here. Greg
  6. Hi Mathijs, Actually I having this issue from the beginning. I noticed when using vatsim weather, it works fine. Route for example: LSZH DEGE2W DEGES DCT ROMGA Z1 ETAGO DCT TIKNI/N0453F370 N746R ROBEL T200 RUDAK RUDA5V EDDT
  7. Hi Dave. I am very appreciate it! Meanwhile I did a few things: 1. I reinstalled airbus completely (including deleting all folders). 2. I did another flight without updating wind data. Same route as last flight. Unfortunately same happened and the plane reached -5000ft/m during descend. Greg
  8. Mathijs excuse me but this is not serious comment. I think there are more than 2 people having issues, even more than 4. I don't know about hundrets ot thousands you are talking about. Maybe they dont have any issue but I do. I sent any info you requested and asked for help. The answer that thousands other customers dont have any issue dont help me or other people to solve this issue and for me it is critical.
  9. Hello. In a few recent flights I noticed that ARR ATIS is available shortly before descend ~30 nm before TOD. In the weather settings I am using SIM default option. Thanks Gregory
  10. Hi Emanuel, Do you know which add-on/s may cause this? Cause we can easily check it by removing that add-on.
  11. Agree with raf120. Same here. Latest "fresh" p3d version is installed (not just an update).
  12. Ok Gents, I finished just now another flight and prepared all data. The flight was disaster. ;( Flight Plan: LSZH - EDDT N0450F380 DEGE2W DEGES DCT ROMGA Z1 ETAGO DCT TIKNI/N0450F370 N746 ROBEL T200 RUDAK RUDA5V I managed descend ~ 10 nm before TOD, the plane started descend at rate ~ -6000 fpm. Using speed brakes increased a rate much more. The weather was clear and flight was smooth. I used CI 50 for this flight as was suggested before. Link to the video on twitch : I put the plane in the hangar. I want to fly it but I can't. sorry.... Aerosoft team please help. I am despaired.
  13. Hi Dave. The same happens to me. On the last flight I checked all restrictions in the FMGS. I tried CI 50, 25 and 15. Gregory
  14. Thanks Tom, I hope aerosoft team going to help us to find what is wrong or to solve this issue. I find this issue disrups flight experience. Gregory
  15. Mathijs, I am having issues on full fresh install of p3d v4.3 (not just client update)...
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