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  1. Thanks for that David, for some reason I missed that post. Can't wait for the update. In love with the airbus.
  2. Hello, After doing to the update to a weird thing is happening. During the climb and also at flight level, for some reason the computer is converting the mach number to a speed which is very low. For example, during a flight today, after loading fuel/passengers/cargo and setting the performance, the level speed supposed to be .78 (240-260), but when on auto speed the magenta speed is showing 129. Therefore I have to use the manual setting all the time now. I have no made any changes to anything in the P3Dv4 and everything is up to date. Attach is the pictures of the AUTO mode and MANUAL mode. In the auto mode you can see the magenta speed way below the 240-260 speed. BTW I had to disconnect the A/THR for the picture, if not, the Throttle will go idle to slow to the 129 speed . Any help would be appreciated. Jay
  3. Hello Dave, did remove the .NET, cleaned registry, reboot system. Installed the .NET (latest one) and still same issue, did the cold cockpit and nothing, it does works on the ready to taxi and ready for take off mode and then I can go back to cold. No biggie. Maybe one of these days I will reinstall everything from scratch including OS and maybe that fix the problem, till then I will keep using the workaround. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. It's very weird if you start on ready for take off it will work and then when you revert to cold it still works. I did try playing with the custom files but nothing. I did go to the website but I think everything is up to date. Attached is the screen proving that, unless I need something else. Take care.
  5. Hello aerosoft, having a ball with the A321, this thing is a beauty to fly. No issues as of yet, except the vatsim frequency which still can be fixed with the load ready for take off mode and then back to cold. Are you guys still working on this issue? Is it going to be fix with the SP1 release? Thanks. Jay
  6. Hello Mathis, I have no idea what was wrong, but the only thing I did today was to do a live update from fsdt and I need it to re-install the full gsx installer and after all the updates everything is working as it should. Still have no idea what happened but it is fixed. Thanks for checking at your end and you can close this post now. Take care. Jay
  7. If you read the first post, the abx files are not being reset, but the setup.abx is created brand new with all the default settings. When you load either custom file it loads the default having to go to the settings and changing everything again. I will play with it again today and see how to make sense out of this. Thanks.
  8. I can see the new experimental update does not address this issue. Is this is an issue? If not, a suggestion? It is a pain loosing everything every time you change from a31X-a32X. A reply would be nice. Thanks. Jay
  9. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue: D/L was a breeze so as installation. Did run the P3D and selected the A320 and did a very short test flight with custom4.abx (ready to go). After checking system stability decided to bring to 320 in par with the 319. Ex, EZDAK views, baro sets to U.S., externalpower car disconnected so I can request it and so on. Everything was working fine, but when I quit the sim and restart and selected the 319 instead of the 320 everything was reset to default. I thought that the data files are completely working separate from each other. I did see that the file setup.abx was created as soon as I started the sim and selected the aircraft. All the customs1-4 files are not affected, however, when I select the custom1 (cold dark) the setup.abx does not changes, hence everything stays as default. Can anyone let me know if this is happening to you or anyone know the fix? Thanks. Jay
  10. Thanks Dave, and blahhh, I did too play with the settings and from C4 to C2 I made a lot similar changes and nothing worked, so SP1 it is for me as well.
  11. Hi Dave, Just to follow up, I believe I read somewhere that to try to remove and re-install the airbus-pro. I did that today with the v1.1.0.0 and still have the same problem trying to connect to vpilot with a cold/dark cockpit, I do however can do it as you mention but decided to try out with a new install but nope, didn't work. Hopefully it will be fix in the near future. Jay
  12. Just did a tryout flight on a weather area with some patches of severe weather and tried changing the settings on AS and this was the findings. (More testing needs to be done to be sure.) Under Options - Wind options (and effects) - Maximum wind turbulence - 30 Under Options - Wind options (and effects) - Turbulence effect scale - 38 Everything else I left the same. Did see a big improvement on behavior of the aircraft during AP and Manual Mode. Did not want to go to 0 on either one as it will take the realism away. You still have to concentrate to control the aircraft under manual mode but it is manageable. As I said, I will keep trying out. BTW on this flight I was looking the fps and they were from 40s to low 30s so I know my fps are not the issue here. Jay
  13. After getting the link to the video from Gregory it's like seeing a mirror, that is exactly the same thing that is happening to me when flying through weather. Yesterday I was able to find some weather NE of KBEH, did a quick flight and as soon as I got close to the weather in the radar the airspeed began to act up, then once left the red zone into clear zone it went back to close to smooth but then small green patches of rain close to the final approach and the airspeed and altitude began to act up again. It is impossible (at least on my end) to control the aircraft on manual mode during that phase. I cranked the PMDG 737, and flew through the same weather, and although you still can see there is turbulence in the red zone, the airplane it still very flyable in AP or manual mode. I am not bashing the airbus as this is my first airbus add on and I am in love with it, aerosoft did an excellent job. I do also have a very nice system so fps are not a factor for me. Will try to see the settings on AS and play with them to see if it helps as it is a little frustrating since I do like to fly in the Florida area during the summer as it is thunderstorm season but right now not enjoying the flight in the airbus in weather condition. Other than that, awesome add on. Jay
  14. I have experienced the same situation couple of times with some light rain and thunderstorm in the area, flight will become uncontrollable and the airspeed will go up and down even on level flight. I do also use the AS weather engine with default settings, will do a flight with AS turned off but with VATSIM wx and will try to find a place with thunderstorms to see if I get the same results.
  15. I just tried the updater and immediately a new update for the updater was installed, I then tried to install the version and when the RAAS installation window pop up I click on "EXIT" for no install. I closed the updater and re-opened it again, this time it is showing with no updates available for this product. It was fixed as now you can bypass RAAS installation and the update will be installed. Thank you for the quick turn around.
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