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  1. Thanks, But I don't understand why I need to lower autogen and scenery draw distance to medium ( currently on high) while I have no similar issues with more than 100 other sceneries I have. It definitely smth wrong with this scenery.
  2. Today I did the same flight and same route. The only change was FSDT Geneva scenery instead Aerosoft one. No CTD.
  3. I have strange issue with Geneva scenery. Two flights - two CTDs. The error is terrain.dll It happen on two different flights on AKITO 2N arrival , ils 04 between waypoints LIRKO and SOVAD, between FL 120 and FL80. I am using P3D v5. I can report I never had this ctd type. What can be a problem? Thanks
  4. Hi Mathijs. Thanks I installed Geneva again and this time I did back up for scenery.cfg file. Installation process was ok and no issues this time to scenery.cfg file. Following your work around didn't help and issue with jetways happen again. Then I followed Guenter work around , that exactly the same as yours, except attached file. Now it worked. Now I finally can enjoy Geneva Thanks
  5. Any news regarding new version installer? I uninstalled it after Geneva scenery destroyed my add-ons.cfg in p3d v5.
  6. I did a flight today and I must to say that scenery is very good. I noticed one thing that landing lights were are not illuminating rnwy. I was flying with Fslabs a320.
  7. Same problem here. Configurator not working. Manual is empty.
  8. Any news regarding the fix? Geneva scenery destroyed my add-ons.cfg in p3d v5.
  9. Thanks Bob. It was installation issue. Somehow the entry in P3D for old scenery remained in scenery file. Removed it, then installed again and all fine except ORBX GES compatibility. Does Hotfix 1.00 can be used here? Many Thanks Greg
  10. Installed V1.1.00 again and again no terminals and etc.. Going to install back version v1.00 as I don't have any issues with it. Prepar3D 2020-03-26 22-07-53.bmp
  11. Yes, I completely uninstalled previous version. No files as no folder remained in P3D folder.
  12. Here one screenshot (holding short of rw28) Prepar3D 2020-03-26 20-29-51.bmp
  13. I was lucky and found v1.00 on my pc. And there are no issues. I definitely have issues with new version.
  14. Hi Otto, Thanks for your fast reply. I checked and all ORBX stuff bellow other airports. I searched for bgl files and converted 3 *lszh*.bgl to off. I also deleted terrain.cfg. Unfortunately the problem is still here
  15. Hi all, After installing new version I have a lot of issues with new Zurich scenery. Terminals missing, wrong autogen and etc... Latest version installed. I am using ORBX GES. Any solution?
  16. Solved Reinstalled scenery. Didn't help. Reinstalled GSX => Solved the issue.
  17. Hi guys, I have an issue with Geneva Professional. When using gates A11, A10 and etc GSX cannot find aircraft position. While checking "customize airport position" in GSX it looks like it using AFCAD file from 0601\scenery\APX49150.bgl How can this be solved? Thanks
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