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  1. hello I solved the probela by downloading the Sam plugin from the x-plane.org forum. The Sam plugin I had downloaded with SAM2 SUITE gave me problems. So I deleted the previous Sam folder and replaced it with the one downloaded from the org.store and now it works me well. Thank you
  2. Hello... means the airport doesn't come out, but it comes out all the grass Log.txt
  3. hi, yes, I set up SAM suite and then I installed Sam basic plugin, but despite that the airport does not display. Maybe I'm wrong?
  4. hello guys, kindly I'd need some help. I downloaded from x plane.org the airport of Malaga of aerosoft and installed it as a manual , but I have a problem. The airport doesn't charge and tells me there's a mistake I can't fix. When I load the airport only weed comes out and that's it. How can I fix it? Thank you
  5. Ciao il link non funziona.....se puoi , rimanda un'altra volta . Grazie
  6. Ciao a tutti.....sto cercando una livrea Alitalia sia per il A320/319 che per il A321 Professional senza successo ......ci sono tantissime livreee per la serie profesionale , ma non hanno realizzato quelle per Alitalia (almeno io non le trovo). Sono qui per chiedere gentilmente se qualcuno sa dove scaricarle. grazie
  7. hello guys, I would buy Airbus A330 Aerosoft but before proceeding I would like some answers to some questions. Kindly. 1- Is it fully simulated with fault management? 2- Has anyone tried it with Windows7? and if it works well with W7. 3- last question; Is it fully compatible with P3d v5 today? THANK YOU
  8. Hi guys I was wondering if there's going to be any new update to pfpx. Will you give us any updates? Thank you
  9. Ok... Thanks guys I'il do the course manually, maybe in the future it will improve. Thank you
  10. ok....Flight LIRN/LICC Rwy 24/Rwy 08 and the route from PFPX is: AGNI5C AGNIS Q58 RCA Y93 NATOV NATO2F the real route is:DELE5A DELER M742 AMANO Q789 UXUTA UXUT1G If you analyze the two routes, in the first there is the VOR of Reggio Calabria RCA, while in the second that is the right, you avoid the VOR of Reggio Calabria to have a clean arrival and not a complicated profile. With PFPX you can not get it with Autoroute, but you have to manage it manually. From here, at my request to understand how to operate Autoroute without the VOR, I wanted to test if doing so, PFPX gave me the right route automatically.
  11. Because there are routes that PFPX calculates the passage on the VOR and complicates the profile of the route. It makes you go first on the VOR, after it makes you cross all the airport and then get you back. It basically creates chaos, which is why I wanted to exclude the VOR. Obviously I did a comparison with the real routes and that VOR is not inserted for that track.
  12. HI my friend......OK, but I in advanced route do not see the option skip VOR. What should I tick to make the VOR ignore? Thank you
  13. Hi guys a tip. How do I exclude VOR from the automatic route function? I wouldn't want them to be taken into account when I create a route with Autoroute, but I can't figure out how to do it. Thank you
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