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  1. hello I solved the probela by downloading the Sam plugin from the x-plane.org forum. The Sam plugin I had downloaded with SAM2 SUITE gave me problems. So I deleted the previous Sam folder and replaced it with the one downloaded from the org.store and now it works me well. Thank you
  2. Hello... means the airport doesn't come out, but it comes out all the grass Log.txt
  3. hi, yes, I set up SAM suite and then I installed Sam basic plugin, but despite that the airport does not display. Maybe I'm wrong?
  4. hello guys, kindly I'd need some help. I downloaded from x plane.org the airport of Malaga of aerosoft and installed it as a manual , but I have a problem. The airport doesn't charge and tells me there's a mistake I can't fix. When I load the airport only weed comes out and that's it. How can I fix it? Thank you
  5. hello guys, I would buy Airbus A330 Aerosoft but before proceeding I would like some answers to some questions. Kindly. 1- Is it fully simulated with fault management? 2- Has anyone tried it with Windows7? and if it works well with W7. 3- last question; Is it fully compatible with P3d v5 today? THANK YOU
  6. Hi guys I was wondering if there's going to be any new update to pfpx. Will you give us any updates? Thank you
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