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  1. Hello, we are aware of the server issue and are already working on it. best regards judith
  2. A support which I was writing of is different to a development you seems to mean. TOPCAT is written in a very old programming language so it is very limited.
  3. Dear all, first of all we would like to thank you for the years of support. PFPX - the program itself as well as the server subscription - will still be optainable on our homepage (www.flightsimsoft.com). As in past, our support ticket system is of course available for you (requests of resetting activation counter; Virtual Airline support; ...). We would especially like to thank Stephen Cooke for his tireless support! We are in contact with him as he still would like to give support for the PFPX community. Kind regards, Judith & Christian
  4. Maybe you can try to start PFPX in compatibility mode or a reinstall of the program?
  5. Hello all, It was a very long night for him, but now weather and tracks should work again. We try to add the free server time automatically to all members (with valid server subscription). If this don´t work (within the next 3 days), please send an email or PM and I´ll send you a server code. Best regards, Judith
  6. Hello, Christian has been working all day now to bring weather back. After a restart of the server (2 days ago) weather data normally comes back within some hours, but not this time, sorry. He‘s still working on getting weather back. we are really sorry for the waiting time and would give you a free server time. hope to be able to report good news very soon. best regards judith
  7. Server has been restarted and is working again. Sorry for all inconvenience. We try to get a better solution for future. Best regards, Judith
  8. Server maintenance is completed. Weather update and activation should work now again.
  9. Dear Users, we go infomed that there are server maintenance from 10.3. at 22:00 to 11.3. 6:00 o‘clock (UTC+1) best regards judith
  10. Hello, we restarted the server now so it should work again. Best regards Judith
  11. Hello, we restarted our server again as there still seem to be an issue with METARs and tafs. But it should already work again.
  12. Hello, we solved the issue, so our email support as well as airmets are now available again! sorry for the inconvenience, but we had to change our server ...
  13. Dear PFPX Users, Please note that we´re reading your Topics and Reports carefully and have already created a long list of To-Do´s for the next update. Best regards, Judith
  14. This function was only for testing purposes and will not be included in next release any more.
  15. Hello, as requested we update the Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0. This new guide replaces and contains previous guide. Best regards, Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0.pdf
  16. Hallo Tom,


    fürchte ich finde auf die schnelle die Email nicht, darum nun per PM...

    Wir haben einen inoffiziellen Hotfix auf unserer Dropbox zum Testen:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/bh63hvujjykdxnm/PFPX Hotfix 1.26.6.zip?dl=0


    Freundliche Grüße, Judith

  17. Hello,


    we reset your activation count as requested.


    please use the support ticket system from flightsimsoft.com if you have this situation again.


    best regards, Judith

    1. Ernani Ferreira

      Ernani Ferreira

      então já fiz a solicitação via ticket, conforme instruído, porém além de não obter resposta, o sistema continua efetuando a contagem, todo vez que preciso reinstalar a parece a mensagem: você instalou 11 vezes nos últimos 180 dias e continua aumentando.

  18. Version 2.0


    Updated directs.nav file to reflect the changes in LHCC (Budapest) FIR. Unzip the file and place it into the following directory: \\PFPX data\Navdata
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