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    Support Tickets working?

    Do you get a ticket number?
  2. Hello, I can say that this is not a usual behaviour of the program after expiring of the server subscription - we have no similar reports and can´t reproduce your experiences. Sorry if you felt as you would be "bombed" out. if you have any Problems with TOPCAT please use the support ticket System. Best regards Judith
  3. Dear PFPX Users, Please note that we´re reading your Topics and Reports carefully and have already created a long list of To-Do´s for the next update. Best regards, Judith
  4. Many of you have created custom OFP / Aircraft templates and aircraft types for PFPX. If you want them to be included in the next PFPX release, send them to, please!
  5. Hello, as requested we update the Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0. This new guide replaces and contains previous guide. Best regards, Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0.pdf

    PFPX Not Responding on startup V2.03

    Is the program freezing? Or are you able to click on buttons? - if you're able, could you please try to "reset window" in the upper right corner. best regards judith

    V2 - Tropopause

    Hello, we´re going to see if we get from somewhere a different source but unfortunately with this one we can´t support Tropopause, sorry. Best regards, Judith

    What future for TOPCAT?

    Please note that this is the official PFPX support forum, not for TOPCAT. Fact is that Christian already had some users who tried to add aircraft profiles without success. He experienced that it is much more time consuming to explain programmers how to add new types, so it would be the best if an ios programmer develope a new version which allows to add aircraft types by the users like it is for PFPX. so if there is anyone here in the forum who has knowledge of iOS programming, Christian is willing to cooperate and ready to share the inputs. Please use PM or our support ticket to get in contact with us, as this is the PFPX forum! best regards judith


    Please send a request to our support ticket System: Best regards, Judith

    My key is incorrect PFPX 2.03

    Is solved already!
  11. Wir arbeiten daran und wird mit nächster Version behoben sein! Lg Judith

    Take-Off und Landing bei v2.03

    ok, wird mit nächster Version behoben. Lg Judith
  13. Hello, unfortunately our hosting provider run unscheduled Server Maintenance yesterday night (for around half an hour). Best regards, Judith

    Good PFPX Tutorials Recommendations

    unfortunately the tutorials at our Homepage don´t cover the latest features and functions, sorry. But I am sure somebody creates a new one soon. Best regards, Judith

    Manual NAT Tracks Not Showing on Map

    did you already try with v2.03?

    V2 not far off - BACKUP

    with some delay… it´s available now! And yes, it was not intended that all aircraft types would be deleted. No beta tester experienced this bug - we wouldn´t have released it then. Best regards, Judith
  17. Hello, To add missing/requested aircraft addons to the PFPX export window we would need: - sample file of a route (e.g. .txt) - path of the location (e.g.: c:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\320_JARDesign) Please send these information via support ticket: Best regards, Judith
  18. We are really sorry for the loss of your aircraft profiles. Maybe a file recovery is a possibility?

    Update auf v2

    Es tut uns wirklich schrecklich leid! Wir hätten (auf dem englischen Forum war es gepostet) besser kommunizieren sollen, damit Backup´s von den Dateien gemacht werden. Eine Möglichkeit besteht eventuell... Sie könnten probieren, eine File recovery durchzuführen - Systemsteuerung/Dateiversionsverlauf...
  20. will be fixed with next release/hotfix.

    Outdated Routes

    will be fixed with next hotfix/release.

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    Hello, thank you all for your reports! with the following hotfix the reported issues from the forum should be fixed. Note: this is not a full installer - but a replacement of the original PFPX.exe file. Please unzip the file and place it into the following directory: c:\aerosoft\Professional Flight Planner X\ Best regards, Judith PFPX Hotifx Installation.txt

    Any word on PFPX update?

    That's right, pfpx 2.0 is in beta phase... as soon as the reported issues are fixed, we'll release it! maybe a beta tester can post some screenshots best regards, Judith