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  1. That actually looks very nice. Good work there.
  2. Maybe I'm missing something but why don't you use the CalFire-Bronco as a base for civilian repaints? After all the 'clean' version is not really clean and carries guns and gunsight. The CalFire is the cleanest of them all, no tanks, no loadout, no guns. Even if you do a hybrid based around the 'clean' model you'll still have the gunsight in external view and you're still armed with guns. Any reason why you don't want to use the CalFire as a base? It has GPS and is clean, inside in VC as well as outside.
  3. Yes, as pop-up. I'd rather have it on the VC. A civilian version should not have gun sight or guns anyway so the clean version is the wrong model. The CDF would be better.
  4. VH-MAL ould indeed be great. But could you use the CalFire Bronco, so you get a GPS and no gunsight in a private version.
  5. Thanks indeed for the nice update and the additional versions. Question is however, does the long range version with the three external tanks actually has a longer range (and by how much) or are those tanks just cosmetic? Do those external loads increase drag and fuel consumption?
  6. Given the fact that the Bronco is nearing completion I feel the need to ask if the sound has been improved as was mentioned after the initial release. Especially the run up and shut down sounds were too short and it was said that the sound will get an overhaul too. Is that included in the new Bronco?
  7. Those ideas are great and remind of the underappreciated Dimona. I bought the Dimona a while ago and was torn aport between getting the Dimona or Katana. I went with the Dimona and have enjoyed her ever since. All the realism that is as exiting as watching an excel spreadsheet full of number increase until they reach a certain threshold is worth little if not backed up by a proper flight model. Unfortunately the Katana falls short in that department and can't even spin properly like the real Katana can. The Dimona on the other hand has a superb flight model and backs it up with some nice engin
  8. Another great paint. You're on a roll and the paintkit isn't even out. About those german marking. It is a result of missing specular textures. If you download the VMO-2 you'll notice a lot of texture files with *_s.dds -> those are missing in this one. If they are missing the model will use the fallback textures of the german Bronco. You can easily take the ones from the VMO-2 as they don't have any markings in them but merely generate a nice shine. They are neutral so to speak. You can simply copy the missing textures over into the paint folder of this paint.
  9. That sounds quite fun given the higher approach speed of the Bronco.
  10. Wonderful paint! Flew it today but unfortunately lost the plane due to engine fire.
  11. For me 2011 will end on a sad not as I lost my first Bronco today. Flight went normal but suddenly my right engine cought fire. I don't know why yet because I kept the parameters withing the limits and only flew with ~85% but somehow it happened. I managed to extinguish the fire but crashed into the trees some 8 miles away from a saving runway. The Bronco is quite difficult to fly with only one engine. Here are a few shots of this sad flight ... Guess I need to do some research why the engine cought fire suddenly. It was a great flight and a surprising hand ful
  12. Don't you just resize the dds in photoshop to 2048 (or even 4096) and paint over it? Just do it before you paint, afterwards doesn't make much sense. Parts you don't paint over will simply look the same as before (even though more texture memory is needed) but the parts you use for painting can show more details as you have a higher res to work with.
  13. I've taken a quick pic to show what I mean. See that the reflections are totally different as the part(s) that are painted in red on the paint the Bronco comes with?
  14. Very nice paint indeed. The spec maps are taken from the other paint though? I'm asking because the reflections are different on the parts that are normally red.
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