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  1. Hi Finn ! anything new here with the 1.11b Version? >;O) best wishes Tristan
  2. heheh it will come Eric. It will be the Version with better multiplayer capabilities. (no server-flooding etc.) Tristan
  3. Hi Eric, i am just waiting for the 1.11b. After that i ll repack my stuff. I ll post here if it is done. Tristan
  4. hahahaha Sorry man! I totally forgot to place here the link to my Dropbox. Here ist the complete Package: Have Fun with it! Tristan
  5. Hi Finn, i ll try it soon too. But one word here: I really like to say "Thank You" to You. I am sure You have much stuff to do, so every new Try You do here for the Bronco shows a great connection between You and all the Customers. For that YOU earn here 5 of 5 Stars for an extraordenary Service You are giving to us! ....big applause..... C U Later Tristan
  6. Hi Finn, maybe it is a good idea, to contact the people of that server. As they wrote, they fixed a couple of aircrafts. They don´t edit the aircraft, but somehow they ignore the keys sended. maybe they have any idea wich might help? Really stupid that in some cases the sdk isnt that well. Its more like being a scientist than an addon-developer...hahahaha Good Luck man! Tristan
  7. Hi Finn, i tried to find out, but havent found any infos yet. But if you take a look at the aircrafts in use on that server, they only do 1-10 requests a minute. on the other hand the RED marker starts close to 100. I think if you can reduce it to 30? As much as i understood is "the less the better". i know i know Finn....this sounds not like a proffessionel answer..hehehhehe.... maybe somebody else here is knowing better the limits. Good luck Tristan
  8. Hi Finn, just checked it. seems like it is better now (instead of +400 now "only" a little on top of 100) but the mp-servers mentioned here, are still kicking the bronco out, because of this flooding. So it seems like you are on the right way >;O) BTW... You can check that easily yourself start fsx multiplayer freeflight room choose the mp-pro-server (looks like you need a password, but you do not) open this page: and watch yourself in the list Have a great day Finn, best wishes Tristan EDIT: +400 and 100 means Requests per Minute
  9. Hi Pilots, the Download is now aviable. All of you 5 Guys with a special Version plus the Blue Angels X1. Also my merged model is inside. That all comes with an installer, simply point the installer to your MAIN FSX folder, the rest is done by the installer (no existing files will be touched) Have Fun Tristan
  10. Hi People, this pack includes my private repaints and the Blue Angel. Also it installes the merged Bronco (clean outside and cdf inside) So please only download this if you like to get the whole pack. Seperate packs might follow here in the aerosoft download area. Here is the downloadlink: have fun with it Tristan
  11. it is done..... pack comes soon Tristan
  12. Hi SKYHAWKA4M (what a name >;O) NAVI instead of NAVY.....amazing how blind one can be during work,...hahha...... thanx for mention this! Why not the CDF? Pretty simple: I love this little ´"Belly-Wings" They make the Bronco special and pretty to me. But the VC will be of the CDF. That thing will come in a Pack somewhen this weekend. Tristan EDIT: the Number got the X1, because its fictionel (so X) and 1 because it is the first of me
  13. Hi Pilots, just thought it would be nice if the Blue Angels would use the Bronco. Maybe that´s how it would look like?!? Download will be aviable here somewhen this weekend, Tristan EDIT: this picture is the a lot of things will be fixed in the livery
  14. Hi Private Cowboy, yes there is a reason why i use the CLEAN Model. I LOVE THIS LITTLE "BELLY-WINGS"! For me the Bronco is the most beautiful with that things. I could take a saw to cut the guns, but i would always keep that "wings". ....... But anyways, this used aircrafts simply have if you get one, ask your local mechanics if they can unscrew them....hahaha... Just Kidding.....if some others also like the cdf better, i ll deliver the unpersonalized Version as that. So, but now let me go in the Hangar to do the Paintjobs of the Callsigns. Tristan
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