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  1. Dave....any word on the gray reapint? I'm dying to have it added to my paints. great work!!!
  2. Looks good.....I did an OSAN bird myself...but I was never able to upload it here at Aerosoft...but ehre it is at SOH... Osan Here is a repaint of the Aersoft OV-10A in overall gunship gray from the Osan based OV-10 unit which now flys OA-10 aircraft. I have included all textures needed to be placed in either the FAC, CAS, Clean, Training, or Long Range airfraft. You have to modify the aircraft file for each version you are placing it in. I hope you enjoy this repaint...more will follow soon. Discussion Thread Category FSX Skins
  3. I am trying to upload one of my reapints and I'm getting an error saying the ZIP files are not accepted, I also tried RAR file and that was also booted. what am I doing wrong?
  4. I am hoping that the Bronco X will be a project that has add-on's in the future. I personally would like to see a couple more load outs but the export 4 blade aircraft would be a nice addition also.
  5. Agree.....also with this load out....single rocket pods on both sides of the fuel tank......
  6. Roger that....I took some artistic license and crreated up wil be a blue and white N number.....
  7. looks great Russ...thank you!!!! As for the overall gray bird....the USMC went through a period in the early eighties along with is parent service the USN in painting everything including the toilets gray.
  8. Awesome Russ...anyway to mark they chaff depsencers a bit darker?
  9. no...just ot the outside of both...oh and those markings above...are for an overall olivedrag OV-10.........hint Doing great work Russ....thank you! I've hit a busy streak at home but I am hoping to get one more paint done tommorow so I can post my 3-pack. Just trying to decide what one I ant to do right now.
  10. Looks good to me.........maybe you could use this for the chaff despencers?
  11. DD....check this video out......I think it will help you some to understand the layers thing......
  12. Nice but....NAVI? think it should have NAVY and and how about 10 as its tail number? Also....why not put this on the CDF variant?
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